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"The Six Monsters You'll Have As Roommates"
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Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/21/13
I had the vampire, she was a cheerleader :I
Lucky for me she dropped out so now I have a double room all to myself and can study/do work without crappy music blasting.
I was probably the alien. The first time I watched an anime she heard it and said IS THAT IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE WTF?!?
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Posted 2/21/13 , edited 2/21/13

immitis wrote:

Ok, lets begin once more.

I will spell out a example so as to further clarify my first example. There are five people, all live in a area of famine. Only four have enough food to barely survive, the fifth breaks the law of theft by taking all the food from one or more of the other's ensuring he has enough food to survive but at the cost of one or more of the other's lives. Is it selfish? Yes. Is it wrong? debatable, but at least from a survival standpoint it was justified and despite breaking a law it could be seen as the only sane solution due to avoiding death by starvation. The same argument can be made with a "stranded at sea" scenario involving cannibalism and/or murder both being "sane and morally justifiable" law.

And for my second example which I should have provided a real example with. A surgeon (the only one capable of successfully completing the surgery. The others being less able to perform it with a extremely high chance of death for the patient.) has been called to the hospital to preform a sudden and emergency surgery. The patient will die if it is not preformed within a time limit of thirty minutes. If he travels at the max legal speed ,stop's at all stop lights/signs, and generally obeys all traffic laws he will be well over a hour away. However if he were to break said laws he could arrive on time but in the process would endanger himself and many other's. So if he breaks the laws there is a risk of people dying, however if he does obey the law the patient will most likely die.

As for your comment on psychological "deficiency's" not existing in "properly" educated. There is very little to link any amount of IQ or education to actually having a condition of any kind with many of both genius or under average intellects and borderline uneducated or highly educated people often plagued by psychological and personality disorders, conditions, and oddity's.

However on that note. I did not list a single "deficiency" in my post. I did however list 1. different cultural views 2. A philosophy (Moral nihilism) 3. A survival instinct found in all Humans regardless of race, gender, or education (Mob mentality).

Finally what is possible does indeed have limits. For example if say the Insular Cortex (
or the Amygdala ( was malformed or of reduced size. This could cause a variety of problem's not the least of which being the processing of emotion's such as compassion and increase in aggression and other negative emotions and behaviors such as the increasing link between ASPD (which covers many dangerous extremes such as Sociopathic and Psychopathic personality types both of which would be nearly impossible to "supervise" and most certainly can be "problems" to say the least.) and reduced or deficient Amygdala.

Now to actually fix this after a injury would be maybe a generation or two away however if it is caused by genetics it becomes harder. Fixing it would be impossible unless caught and genetically altered during early development within or even before the womb. Now if it isn't caught. The reason it isn't possible if not caught is one would need to artificially induce growth in a process similar to a tumor or cancer using hormonal, nanobotic, or not yet known at this time technique or technology which while going well beyond my medical knowledge is at the very least possibly life threatening and at very best many generation's away and still dangerous regardless of how much we push the line of what is possibly until we reach the at this moment science fiction level of moving a person's consciousness or soul to another body or storage device.

And finally. I'd like to thank you for this disagreement(?). I'm having a blast looking through my old research paper's and checking out the new studies and such.

1. The actions of the fifth person are completely unjustified, he should be willing to give up his life in order to save the others. I would consider these fears of death and starvation to be psychological deficiencies that should not exist because they only lead to completely immoral actions that should not occur.

2. Like the trolley problem, any action that would lead to the saving of a life would be acceptable. No life should be valued more than any other life, so neither action should be considered immoral.

I believe that a significant amount of EI can alleviate many, if not all, of the psychological problems we find in people today. There is enough information in the academic community to change peoples' lives for the better, they just need to be willing to educate themselves. Everybody could reach their full potential if they had a better understanding of their psyche.

If a person is malformed at birth, they should not be held responsible for their actions and should not be changed in any way unless they give personal consent to do so.
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Posted 2/21/13 , edited 2/21/13
I'm in college, but no roomies. I think I'd die if I had one. But if I HAD to, I'd go for the robot. It looks like they'd keep the place clean.
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