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M / In a trash can wa...
Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/21/13
I wold honestly not mind being a Joker.....But that is because my name is "ThePoorFool". I think my hilariousness is pretty obvious because of my name...and the intro i made....But hey, up to you. I will be blunt, i am smart, i am friendly and i can follow rules. "I will break the rules however if the rule is no eating cookies...". !_!

My name is obviously Thepoorfool.....If i was a moderator i would help people out if they needed information, post cool information, and probably create awesome forums to discuss previously mentioned awesome information....Uh, pictures? I am semi good at Photography and i have woods in my backyard, i could post pictures of my forest? Or pictures of nature and penguins and penguins slapping other penguins in the face because they ate the other penguins fish sticks.....That he specifically said NOT to eat because he was saving it for a rainy day.....

Anyway, that's it really.

PS, a potato is used to plug up a car muffler so cops cannot follow Eddie Murphy. "Movie reference" Nah, haha. A potato is food, round, edible, and tasty if cooked right. Can grow in harsh conditions, and can be grown year round because it grows under-ground.
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