The Future of Gaming!
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Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/17/13
A question on Omegle made me think! Isn't that something!!!

Do you even Japan?

So what do you think the next Playstation and the one after it will be like, and when will they come out? And what do you think of my point about virtual reality being the next step forward after this generation of gaming!?

I think that this generation will have amazing graphics at first, but just like the graphics sucked at the beginning of the PS3 and Xbox, they will get MUCH better by the end, my example being L.A. Noire. After that, console developers, and companies like Google and Apple, will invest in VR.
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Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/17/13
I'd say that it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, especially for gamers like us (or me at least) that don't like Call of Duty or the next grey and brown game that's coming out.

We are going to hit a graphics wall soon. Maybe not in terms of performance, but in terms of cost-to-compensation ratio. Soon, it will just be too expensive for anyone but first-parties to make good looking games, and first-parties only because it helps as a showpiece for the consoles. Because of that and the complete silliness of the touchscreens in the controllers (of both Wii U and rumoured PS4) or increased use of motion controls (rumoured for next Xbox), consumers will have little reason to upgrade to the newest console.

And that means gimmicks, and lots of them. Achievements were the first baby step into this field, but it's going to get a lot worse. Instead of wanting to produce better and better games to attract customers, companies are going to want to focus their attention on inciting stronger console wars, and developing brand loyalty using traps like achievements to lock players into their ecosystem. Because gamers like us don't care about the hardware gimmicks, companies will focus on the people who do, and make more Madden, more Call of Duty, and more of the same old.

Eventually it will all come crashing down, in maybe a generation or two. Kids will grow up not being so much into games because their options are limited, and the crowd who buys annual titles every year will not be buying anymore because they have jobs, families, and other things to do with their time. That will likely be the end of EA, Activision, Sony's PS department, and Microsoft's Xbox department. Nintendo will remain on the strength of their first-party titles alone, and that will hopefully attract more third-parties to join in on their system.

I haven't talked about anything like the Ouya because I don't know how that's going to do. Hopefully it will do well, and indie games will take the spotlight, but I doubt it. It will probably be flooded with shovelware almost immediately, and no one will buy their anti-consumer and anti-developer annual releases.
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Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/17/13
PS5 Oh how many years would that take. I would be old by then.

Some interesting here.
Kryptos for new microsoft console probably and Thebes or Orbis for the ''PS4'' console. I believe it would be OLED Televisions and 4000x8000 when they are out. Some insane specs there.
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Posted 5/16/13 , edited 5/16/13
The future of gaming is going to be augmented reality.
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