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Favorite Old School PC Games
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27 / Canada
Posted 4/17/13 , edited 4/18/13
qro - RO private server
sin - only game instead at school, gun game that can play in multiplayer
all mario games
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29 / M / Scotland
Posted 5/24/13 , edited 5/24/13
Deus Ex or System Shock 2 are probably the all time best classics to play.
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M / Providence, RI
Posted 6/4/13 , edited 6/4/13
Day of the Tentacle
Quest for Glory series
Xwing vs tie fighter
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26 / M / USA
Posted 6/5/13 , edited 6/6/13
crusaders of might and magic
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31 / M / Waterloo, Ontario
Posted 6/7/13 , edited 6/8/13
cs 1.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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29 / M / Canada/Quebec
Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/18/13
Duke nukem 3d, doom, psychonauts, baldurs gate 1-2, myst,
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31 / M / Waterloo, Ontario
Posted 6/21/13 , edited 6/22/13
doom series, counter-strike, diablo, starcraft
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46 / M / PA.
Posted 6/22/13 , edited 6/22/13
One Unit Whole Blood

This was the game Blood in a big boxed set with all the add-ons and a strategy guides on a bunch of CDs. An epic game that Monolith needs to remake. But for now, DOSbox in a window is the only way to play it now...

Realms of the Haunting

This was an FPS type adventure game from back in the day. Really creepy, great atmosphere, puzzles that were clever with a good amount of action. And although the live action sequences were cheesy... it worked.
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30 / F / Western Australia
Posted 7/30/13 , edited 7/30/13
... If we are talking Old

Diablo 2 and KingsQuest 7 FTW.
Posted 7/30/13 , edited 7/30/13
Bard's Tale 2, Police Quest 4, Blue Force.
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27 / M / Finland
Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/6/14 is actually one of my favorite sites these days. They really go to great lengths acquiring licenses and fixing things for so many old games (and also release newer indie games now) that it is kind of mind blowing, especially in cases such as System Shock 2.

While I rarely got to play full PC games when I was younger and had to be content with shareware/demos, I still had some favorites that I'm glad to see on GOG. There are also some games that I discovered after their time on GOG or elsewhere that I think are great.

So here's some of my favorites from GOG. A few of them have already been in this thread, but I put in some new ones as well:

Warlords Battlecry
- Developed by Strategic Game Studies, published by Ubisoft
- Fantasy RTS with RPG elements tied to your hero
- Spin-off of the Warlords series
- I personally prefer the skirmish mode over campaign (multiplayer over Hamachi or GameRanger could be fun)
- Had two sequels that are also excellent (I haven't played 2 though, going by reception)

RollerCoaster Tycoon
- Developed by Chris Sawyer Productions, published by Atari
- Park managing/building simulator
- Building roller coasters/death traps is really fun
- RCT2 is supposedly very good too (haven't played it yet even though I own it)
- RCT3 uses 3D models and is quite different from the other two, but I still enjoy it quite a lot

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
- Developed by Monolith Productions, published by Interplay
- First-Person Mech/Human Shooter influenced by anime
- Shooting giant robots with a giant robot never gets old, at least for me
- Squash those puny humans!
- It's just awesome

- Developed by Black Isle Studios, published by Interplay
- Turn-based Sci-fi RPG set after a nuclear war
- FIXT mod fixes a lot of bugs and mistakes, but it may have its own issues, so use at your own risk
- Fallout 2 is supposedly even better (I own it, but haven't played it)

Beneath a Steel Sky (FREE!)
- Developed and published by Revolution Software
- Sci-fi Point & Click Adventure game set in a futuristic city
- Racking your brain trying to figure out your next move is always fun, if you have the patience that is
- The many different places you visit in the city are well designed and look gorgeous (courtesy of comic book artist/writer Dave Gibbons)

Baldur's Gate
- Developed by Bioware, published by Hasbro
- A very well known Real-time Fantasy RPG
- Most fun when playing with friends, which can nowadays be done either via Hamachi, GameRanger or just pure LAN.
- General consensus says BG2 is better, but I haven't played it yet (what do I have against number 2?)

Raptor: Call of the Shadows
- Developed by Mountain King Studios, published by DotEmu
- Vertical Arcade Shoot 'em up set in the near future
- Lots of upgradable weapons and ships to cause destruction with
- Fast paced action, so you shouldn't get bored provided you like shmups

Heroes of Might and Magic III
- Developed by New World Computing, published by Ubisoft
- Turn-based fantasy strategy game with emphasis on heroes and their abilities
- The series is a spin-off of the Might and Magic series
- I love trying different scenarios but haven't really gotten far in the campaign
- Multiplayer is supposedly the best part, but I haven't had the chance to try it
- Most seem to consider this or 2 the best of the series (no, I haven't tried this 2 either...)

Die by the Sword
- Developed by Treyarch, published by Interplay
- Fantasy Action-Adventure game with an interesting sword fighting system
- Different kinds of sword swings are done with the numpad keys or the mouse, making it weidly intuitive
- I remember playing a lot of the multiplayer against bots when I was younger and it was really fun, should be even better against people
- The campaign really puts your sword fighting skills to the test and is very exciting (albeit infuriating sometimes)

I also have a lot of other old gems in my GOG library, but I haven't had the time to play them yet or haven't played enough to judge if they belong to my favorites.

As for non-GOG old school PC games, there's quite a few I consider my favorites. Jazz Jackrabbit 1&2, Commander Keen, Doom, HEDZ, GTA 1&2, Age of Empires 1&2, Colin McRae Rally 1&2, MDK, War Gods, Rollcage, Urban Chaos, Outlaws, Diablo 2 and Unreal Tournament are some of them.

That's it for my overly long post. I hope my effort wasn't in vain.

TL;DR: Click the links, ya lazy bum.
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24 / M / Chicago
Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/1/13
Mist, the most trippy yet awesome puzzle game ever.
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24 / M
Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/1/13
My first PC game.
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26 / M / Second Miltia
Posted 8/14/13 , edited 8/15/13
I just had to drop a line here, If you are into the classic run and gun shooters of old. I highly recommend Rise of the Triad which just came out, its so much fun xD
Def a throwback, hell theres 6 different rocket launchers!
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21 / M / NorCal
Posted 8/16/13 , edited 8/17/13
Favorite Old PC games for me...hmmm..
1. Pre-Big Bang Maple Story
2. GunZ
3. Diablo 2 (If this counts)
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