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Posted 3/3/13 , edited 3/3/13

AbyKuranDau wrote:

Username: AbyKuranDau

Character's name: Aby Kuran Dau

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Race: Pureblood Vampire/MoonAnimal

Powers: Like all Pureblood vampires,I having immortality and the ability to heal from anything excluding anti-vampire weapon wounds to the heart or head.Also I have the new following abilities:
Telekinesis,breaking windows on the few occasions when I experience strong emotions
Ability to interfere with memory blocking through touch and includes breaking memory spells
Ability to transform into an animal with the power of the full moon and a necklace that my mother gave me
Ability to have my blood cure people's hallucinations,illness and disaster

Bio(not necessary):



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