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Posted 2/21/13 , edited 2/21/13
Noe is strange, quirky, and somewhat very naive about reality. She is also fragile, but her naivety enabled her to be strong. Effectively, her strength overshadowed her fragility, provided she kept her mind locked away from harsh realities. That was partly how she was able to live on happily irrespective of how people slandered her. But once she began to realize the harsh realities of life for what it was (in episode 11-12), and began to step out of her naivety, her strength completely broke. Eventually she became suicidal (in episode 12).

The problem with the ending in episode 13 is that Noe is still in a state of mind that can make her suicidal again. She is trying to accept reality but she still haven't become accustomed to it. Granted, she finally got her tears but she was still heart-broken; and not much had changed since the last time she attempted to commit suicide. If anything, she was even sadder in the end of episode 13. The ending was just incomplete for her. We never saw her overcome her sadness and move on. (She probably attempted another suicide in episode 14 :p)

On a side note:
I was rooting for Noe (out of pity). Although if I was Shin, I would chose Hiromi. The fact is that Shin grew into loving Noe as they spent more time together but he had always loved Hiromi but never got the chance to spend time with her. And Hiromi was a bit shut-off and somewhat hard to approach, as opposed to Noe. However, I'm very satisfied with Shin's choice but Noe's ending was simply incomplete. Even Aiko got a better, or rather sweeter, ending than her.

What do you guys think of Noe's state of mind at the end? Hopeful or hopelessly dangerous.
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