Motivation - I need some
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Posted 2/21/13 , edited 2/22/13
Have you ever had one of those days? You know the one - I know you do.

You have just looked around your living room (or other such rooms in the house) and thought, "wow, if I actually got up, I could clean this room in less than a half hour..." but instead of actually moving away from the computer, you sit there and search extremely diligently for something else to read to keep you in your seat.
For instance, which friend just posted something on Facebook 0.00258 seconds ago, or the breaking news story that just popped up in the feed next to your empty email inbox that you just emptied by creating 15 subfolders and moved all your mail into them...

Until, low and behold, you DO find something to read, write, watch or respond to.

And suddenly, hours have passed and the dishes still aren't done and your Christmas tree is still up (and it is almost the end of February!!!).

Yes, this is me today.
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Posted 2/21/13 , edited 2/22/13
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