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What will make you get a PS4?
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22 / M / Virginia
Posted 3/23/13 , edited 3/24/13
For me, I need to see new games and features that weren't possible on the PS3. Watch Dogs and Destiny are the games I'm excited for. They stand out from the other games announced that were just sequels with upgraded graphics. Some of the stuff they showed off with Gaikai is pretty interesting, but I need to see how it works in real use before I buy into it. I also seriously doubt the PS4 or the new Xbox will block used games. It doesn't really benefit anyone and will push away a lot of people from buying either console.

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27 / M / California
Posted 3/26/13 , edited 3/26/13
I would consider a Playstation 4 if it was priced decently and has better developer support. The dev kits for making games on the PS3 platform is not friendly to code with, especially for smaller budget groups. Seeing that Sony is beefing up their developer partnerships, basing their system cpu on a x86 architecture, and offering smaller indie dev teams better licensing, it sounds promising that the next gen console will have a healthy dose of titles. Games pretty much sell consoles. I would also like for more localized games to be available.
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28 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 3/28/13 , edited 3/28/13
I got the ps3 because of ff13 so if the next resident evil, final fantasy, or dead or alive i'll get the ps4
but if theres a new COD by infinity ward then i'll condsider

common square i wanna see ff14
Posted 3/29/13 , edited 3/29/13
no idea,, jst wanna buy it
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18 / M
Posted 4/2/13 , edited 4/2/13
Oh I'm getting it alright. If I don't get it I will never get the features I that I saw and desired in the #Playstation2013 Conference, thus, making me cry.
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30 / M / Central Coast
Posted 4/3/13 , edited 4/4/13
Gonna be picking up 2 of them at launch, especially since the architecture is much more PC-like.

PSX/PS2 Emulation should be possible down the road, so one of mine will stay boxed up until the CFW crowd comes through and enables all the features I miss like on my PS3.

Otherwise, I'm still a sucker for console games even though PC gaming is much handier.
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23 / M / Chilling with ghandi
Posted 4/4/13 , edited 4/4/13
Metal Gear Solid 5
Yakuza 6

These games will be awesome
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27 / USA
Posted 4/4/13 , edited 4/5/13
The Final Fantasy franchise will inevitably make me purchase a PS4. Hopefully I will be redeemed by there actually being more worthwhile RPG's than just that though. Sadly quality RPG's seem to be a dying breed as most people would rather have an FPS posing as an RPG.
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31 / M / United States
Posted 4/4/13 , edited 4/5/13
A decent game library...
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24 / M / NJ, USA
Posted 4/7/13 , edited 4/7/13
-The better game library
-No always online
-No pay to play online
-Free games via Playstation Plus
-No more Microsoft bull
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32 / F / California
Posted 4/12/13 , edited 4/12/13
I want a PS4 simply because it's a Playstation. I started buying PS consoles since PS2 and I've been very happy with the games that came out for it.
I won't, however, buy the PS4 at launch or even a couple of months after launch. I bought my PS3 a couple months after it initially came out and it died about 4 years later, so I had to buy another one. That still leaves a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it
Posted 4/15/13 , edited 4/15/13
- Killer exclusive games, like killzone, infamous second son etc
- play my PS4 games on the PS VITA
- it does everything they advertised it to do during the conference
- gran turismo
- 4K crunchyroll???
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31 / M / California
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/16/13
getting it because its Sony and they bring the best exclusives.
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Posted 4/17/13 , edited 4/17/13
Actually this might be the system people have been wanting, Sony isn't being as foolish and as greedy as Nintendo and Microsoft, plus Sony isn't shoving gamers to the side and saying " You want motion controlled games " or " You want another version of the same game over and over" I loved the PS2 & the PS3, unless the worlds economy shatters completely, I shall be purchasing this because they are not going to be stupid like last time and release it being 600 bucks.
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M / Hyrule
Posted 4/19/13 , edited 4/20/13
- Backwards compatibility with PS3 titles.
- The chance to export your PSN games from your PS3 account.
- No need to have to separate PS+ accounts for each system.
- Compatibility with PS3 peripherals.
- Dark Souls 2
- Dark Souls 2 :)
- Not always online.
- Killzone 4
- Any Final Fantasy that comes out.
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