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Posted 2/23/13 , edited 3/18/13
This thread will be an archive of the events of past arcs, and will also be updated with the key points of the current arc, so that people can catch up to the events of each day.

Arc 1: Modern Day Gladiators

Arc 2: The path of an Exorcist

1 The students were gathered into a bus, and transported to Mt Fuji.
2 The students were summoned to the front of the temple. There, a ceremony took place, that unlocked their Holy Powers.
3 The students were informed about the Holy Spells and Exorcist weapons, shown in the Exorcism thread.
4 The students were taken to meed the Blacksmith of the Exorcists, and were given their chosen weapons from one of the metals. ( You all got one, even if you didn't post there. Add them in your profiles! )
5 The temple gets attacked by many, strong demons, who are eventually pushed back and vanquished, though with significant difficulty.
6 The Demons unleashed a secondary attack. Gamma and Lenora were killed by Ignatius, and Iori managed to take the students and escape via a portal. The temple was burned down.
7. There has been long moments of peace
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