Post a Fan-Made Video about an anime
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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 2/25/13
You heard what the title said! Now do it :P *Fail typo though* (an*)
This is just for fun, don't know if there has been another thread like this, if so, sorry D:!

What you do.. If you know a funny video that has been made by fans of a anime, then post it as a link, should maybe give credit to the author, because then they would be happy :P!

My link!
Steins;gate Feyris Nyan Nyan <3 This is a remix of this video from
Just made it 10 hours for fun :D! The uploader is the one who made it into 10 hours, the credits to the other one who made it is on that page, I don't really know Japanese (Yet) so yeah :D

Another Link!
EvAbridged, made by Gigguk, the original uploader and all Then there are of course credits to the voice actors etc. in the video This is just for a laugh, there is a part 2 out as of when I'm posting this.

Now it's you're turn Share some awesome videos
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Posted 10/1/13 , edited 10/1/13
It's literally been over a half a year since this was posted and no replies. Closed due to inactivity.
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