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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 2/28/13
Yes it's that time again Character Creation time! >O<
You've seen those topics when there's a form where you have to fill out? Yesiknowoneoftheseagain.
This is where you make a character with special things about them..

Posted 2/25/13 , edited 3/4/13
Name: Scarlet or Scar

Age: Looks 16 is actually 2,000 in angel years :3

Gender: Female

Description: Tall with long brown hair and brown eyes. Always has a smile on her face and always making stupid and lame jokes to keep the mood bright. She's very friendly and lovable. She's also very strong, but super cute and sweet. Don't underestimate her just because she's cute; she'll kick your butt into next year :DD

When she's an angel(haha I'm never an angel :P) she has white wings and she's able to summon a white and gold bow, equipped with white and gold arrows.

Type: Angel

Chosen Side: Light

Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrows

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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 2/26/13
Name: Donovan, aka Wolf

Age: 18

Gender: male

Description: He was bit by a werewolf when he was a little kid, and has since learned to control him wolf side, to the point that he can now transform at will. He has traveled the world, learning magic and martial arts. With his VERY high IQ and photographic memory, he is able to recall spells that he has only seen once out of the corner of his eye. With his physical prowess, he can copy any physical movement perfectly.

Type: Werewolf

Chosen Side( Light Or Dark): Light

Weapon of choice: Katana, ninja throwing weapons

werewolf form:

human form
Posted 2/25/13 , edited 3/2/13
Name: Yomas

Age: 16 (?)

Sex: Male

A power hungry demon ready to rule the world, Yomas has tried countless times to try and conquer it, but to no avail. He is a strong, quick, but overall impatient fighter. He lacks true skill but has a mean hit. Able to shift into a different, more human-esque form, he is more open for quickness, and a smaller target to hit, but is also weaker. And finally, he can unlock his Trigger, an ability of his that acts as a last stand.

Type: Demon

Side: Dark

Weapon of Choice: Claws or Demon Axe

Human-Esque Form:

Demon Form:

Trigger Form:
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Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/26/13
Name: Ray

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: honorable villain, likes a good fight... Has his own agenda, hates losing, acts as a bounty hunter, allergic to a lot of foods

Type: Demon

Side: Dark

Weapons: two flaming daggers, attached to two Seperate strands or hell fire string.

Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/27/13
Name: David

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Description: honorable hero, like to fight, short tempered at times, hates losing, shy around females, acts as a fighter, hates water

Type: Monkey/Human

Chosen Side: light

Weapons: Excalibur


Using Blaze:

Overusing Blaze:
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Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/27/13
Name: Rena

Age: 17

Gender: female

Description: An elf that has long hair that is a yellowish blonde. Her eyes are green. She looks skinny because doesn't eat much. Her bow is usually green or whiteish. She is nice unless you hurt one of her friends.

Type(Demon,Angel,Cat,Robot.): Elf

Chosen Side: Light

Weapon of choice: Bow
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18 / F / this ugly yet bea...
Posted 2/27/13 , edited 2/28/13

Age:looks 16, is 760


Description:she hates to be bored, never lets others affect her, thinks about consequences later, and is usually that one creepy stalker who just sits in a dark corner and observes. overall, shes laid back and enjoys a good show whether its bloodshed or a hero saving the world. She is 4'9 and always wears dark clothes. she always wears an upside down cross necklace and the part of her wrist that is coverd by chains has a pentacle on it

Type(Demon,Angel,Cat,Robot.): deamon

Chosen Side( Light Or Dark): she just does whatever she feels like..... but id say dark?

Weapon of choice: electric chains bound to her wrist. controls any wave/ray (electric wave, radio wave, etc)
Posted 2/27/13 , edited 3/4/13
Name: Vivienne

Age: 122

Gender: Female

Description: A fun-loving energetic demon. Calls herself a succubus. Self-centered and vain. She doesn't remember anything from her childhood.

Type: Succubus Demon
Chosen Side: Dark

Weapon of choice: Demon claws

Weapon picture (She uses her nails, which cannot be broken and they are extremely sharp)

Picturs of self:

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Posted 2/28/13 , edited 3/2/13
Name:Amaya (meaning Night Rain)


Description"I was born with my parents gone.My home village abandoned me,thinking I killed my family.But truth is I never had one..I ran and ran away from murderers who tried to take me hostage.I was told by a mysterious person who saved me that I was a special type of person.A demon.One day,my life was changed.I met a boy named Ryuu,we became allies.But then,I thought we were supposed to be enemies.I avoided looking and talking to Ryuu.He never knew I was a demon,a year later,both of us never met each other again..I woke up in a forest with a city across from it.I bet I will see you again.And so it began,my story will it end? No,it's just starting.."

Type: Demon

Weapon: Katana



Posted 3/1/13 , edited 3/1/13
Name: Ayane

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: She was born with a family of demons, she didn't know that she was demon until she was 16, which was when she couldn't help but run away from home. Eventually, she went back to the village where her family came from but found it left in ruins. Ever since then she feels she has to bring back her family somehow. Ayane is feisty and doesn't trust anyone but herself.

Type(Demon,Angel,Cat,Robot,etc): Demon

Chosen Side( Light Or Dark): Dark

Weapon of choice: Spear


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