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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 3/22/13

Hello everyone ~ ! Thank you all for being so patient.

We finally have the results of our MONSTER HUNTER COSPLAY CONTEST ~ !!

First, we will announce our Judge's Choice awards ~ !

Judges, and Cosplay Couple SpacePizzaCosplay and JohnnyJunkers chose : Tatsu & Calipso

"As a cosplay couple we know full well the trials and tribulations that go into a couples cosplay.

From picking something you both love, to the turbulent process of coordinating the costumes together, it all feels like trying to get the stars to align just right, but when they do cosmagic always seems to happen. The loving craftsmanship and creativity showcased here, not to mention the grand scale of the costumes themselves, is why we love and will continue to love cosplay.

Kudos to you both!

You have won our hearts as well as our judges award! Congratulations!"

Judge Kommissar chose : Ck Soguilon and her Jinouga Blademaster

"I love texture in costumes, my own armor i made for monster hunter is chock full of little areas of texture to try and make it look as much like bone as possible, you can see in the skirt and bracers of CK's work that its got some awesome detail in it, and it really helps pop the costume.

Jinouga armor is a set of armor I would love to tackle in the future, and personally i find a good job of a costume to be an inspiration and reference for how to do my own, and i hope others feel the same way, good costumes should inspire other costumers to attempt the same costume, and i feel inspired when looking at the number of details like the knotted cords throughout the costume and the shading gradient on the brown spikes all over, it looks like a lot of love was put into this costume and it shows, so that's why it's my judge's pick."

Judge Okageo chose: Antonio di Stefano

"My pick goes to Antonio di Stefano (Style) who cosplayed White Fatalis from Monster Hunter Freedom 2. My decision is based on his craftsmanship and how well it looks in terms of proportions, details and color.

The armor is very accurate to the game, good attention to details such as scales, wings, and the fur. His overall presentation has a very good balance proportion throughout the cosplay; it’s not too big and fits together really well. As someone who makes a lot of armor cosplay, I know how difficult it can be and I can see how much time, effort, and dedication was put into making this."

All of our Judge's Choice Winners will receive Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 T-Shirts ! As well as 90-Day Premium Memberships at Crunchyroll.


Or should I say, "winners" -- BECAUSE WE HAD A TIE.

Racing neck and neck, the next two Hunters landed over 400 votes each.

Congratulations, Nikki Tan, and Gabriel Venegas Ramirez.

You have each won copies of MONSTER HUNTER ULTIMATE 3 ~ !

ALL WINNERS : Please PM me - SailorBee with your shipping address.

Thanks to everyone that participated and voted ~ ! Now, GO OUT THERE AND HUNT.

View all entries here :


How to enter: Well of course you gotta LIKE CRUNCHYROLL ON FACEBOOK!

1. Send us your SOLO cosplay photo. (each cosplayer may only submit 1 photo.)

Email: [email protected] 1 JPEG picture of yourself in MONSTER HUNTER Cosplay with your information in the following format :

*Cosplayers : (name/nick of cosplayer A) & (name/nick of cosplayer B)
*FB Name : (name of cosplayer A’s FB account) & (name of cosplayer B’s FB account)
*Character : Name of character
*Series : Which Monster Hunter game.
*Comments : (comments of your costumes in less than 100 words)
*Photo credits : (if any)

2. Your photo will be uploaded onto the Crunchyroll Facebook Monster Hunter Album.

3. The world votes.

The rules are simple, and the world is your muse. Interact with the numerous comments and see how popular your photo is on Crunchyroll's Facebook!

***Note that all voting is done on Facebook.***

Application Guidelines:

1. The cosplay picture submitted must be a picture of yourself. So if you post a picture of someone else, and someone else rats on you, and you can’t back up your claim on the photo, you‘re disqualified. Oh yes, you also have to tag yourself in the picture with your own facebook account after it is uploaded to our album to authenticate that this is you! Untagged photos will be disqualified.

2. This is a solo competition, so the picture should feature only you in it.

3 Only send us 1 picture per contestant. Do not send us your collection of awesome photos and request that we choose for you.

4. Send your picture in JPEG format only, max file size of 500KB.

5. Check through your application and decide on your photo before sending to us. We will not accept changes to photo/info after your application is processed.

6. Descriptions in "Comments" has to be within 100 words. If your description is above 100 words, you may or may not be disqualified depending on our editor's mood. Please do a word count before submitting.

7. If your cosplay photo does not show your face, please send a separate photo together with the application showing your face while you wear the costume/make the costume to prove that this is you.

8. No obscene / nude / offensive photos.

9. Applications have to follow the following format.

Do not include our instructions in the brackets( ) in your submissions.

Cosplayer : (Your name)
Character : (Character name from "series name")
Comments : (description and your comments)
Location : (State, Country of your location)
Photo credits : (If any. Not compulsory)

The following is an example of a correct submission:

Cosplayer : Bronte Mckinney
Character : Tira from "Soul Calibur"

Comments : This was all handmade by me including the hula hoop which weighed 15 pounds. In this photo I wanted to recreate what she's like in the game.

Location : Vancouver, Canada

Additional information to be:

There are many criteria to a great cosplay. So voting can be based all these points; like how well the cosplayer portrayed the character, costume likeness, props' details, facial expressions, personality through poses etc. We decided to leave it to the voters to vote with their personal definition of cosplay. At the end of the day, this is an online cosplay contest where judges; in this case the public, cannot feel the fabric of the costumes. So cosplayers must capture the essence of the character they are cosplaying as to get votes.

How do I vote for the cosplayer I want to win?

1. Go to the Crunchyroll Facebook Page and find the Monster Hunter Album.
2. Click on thecosplayer's pictures to view their entry,
3. "LIKE" the photo. The counter will show the collective votes.
4. At the end of the voting, the Finalist with the Top 3 highest number of votes will win.

Remember to check out MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE ~ !



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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 2/26/13
what if another person's back shows in the picture?
Posted 2/25/13 , edited 2/26/13
The guys are hot.
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Posted 2/25/13 , edited 2/26/13
While I realize this is more a contest for costumes that have already been made, here is the complete WIP file for the Monster Hunter costume depicted above to help people that want to make or improve a Monster Costume not just for this contest but for the future!

Enjoy and good luck!!!

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Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/26/13
looks like this is going to be a fun contest. going to enjoy looking all of the nice cosplay.
good luck to all.
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Posted 2/26/13 , edited 2/27/13
Just wondering, but will the prize be a copy of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate game for the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or choice of?
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Milky Way Galaxy,...
Posted 2/27/13 , edited 2/27/13
I'm sure it would cost me more to make a costume than buying the game.
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Posted 2/28/13 , edited 2/28/13

Project_Sora wrote:

I'm sure it would cost me more to make a costume than buying the game.

While probably true.

This is geared for fun and people that are into cosplay (or trying to get people into cosplay).

Good luck everyone.
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Posted 3/2/13 , edited 3/2/13

captain_nfnf wrote:

what if another person's back shows in the picture?

Give it a censor bar
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