Make Jutsu's to be say it in the Original Japanese
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Posted 2/28/13 , edited 2/28/13
Hello distinguished Community

What I want to do is an initiative to change the Jutsu's to Rōmaji that are not only say through Naruto series in English Language Only, you people may ask why I want to do this, it because, I don't know, SOUND BETTER.

Let me give you an example:


As Naruto fan I know this Jutsu, what piss me off is that in English Chunchyroll, they call it:

Inferno Style: Flame Control.

I just want stuff like that to be better in Japanese language because you also learn the language.

Let me give you other Example:

Planetary Rasengan but this should be called Wakusei Rasengan,

Basically is to make every Jutsu in Rōmaji and it's not only for Naruto it for other Anime too.

Crunchyroll Spanish put Rōmaji on the Jutsu so why Crunchroll English can't do it too

Take it as an advice or Suggestion, Crunchyroll English Adminis
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Posted 3/4/13 , edited 3/5/13
Perhaps I'm missing something, but when I watch Naruto on CR it's in Japanese with English subtitles and the subtitle says Amaterasu. Planetary Rasengan was planetary rasingan. Shadow clone jutsu would be confusing IMO if it was called kage bunshin no jutsu. Then they talked about how things are bunshins and never explained they are shadow clones. How it's done now is very good IMO.
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Posted 10/23/13 , edited 10/23/13
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