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"Before we begin our journey, let me help you."
"It appears that since you are not human, I shall not be doing the usual treatment." she smiled knowingly.
The blue blood closed her eyes, placed her hands over her heart.
A pair of white wings flew open on her back, and a scepter with an orb of light materialized, cased and slung across her back.
She approached Antique and sized up the damage in one brief glance.
"Some vital organs have indeed suffered wear and tear. Have you had your heart broken before?" the Dominion Angel Lilliel, her eyes glistening with sorrow, lightly held Antique's hand. Her appearance and voice seemed foreign and as if someone was speaking through her.
"No matter, I shall not inquire further if you feel uncomfortable."

The angel placed her hands together and closed her eyes in silent prayer.
White light surrounded their bodies and restored their bodies to full function.
"Do you feel any better, my love?"
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jellydrop_gravity wrote:

((Don't worry I'm the same person! I switched accounts. Oh, by the way I'll message you when I officially switch and stick to one group. This forum will still be open<3 and we can continue the story from here on out.))

- - - - - - - - - - - - ❀ - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Ah, much better my great. Well - -"
Thinking about it, I really thought. Have I even had a heartbreak?
"I guess you can say I've had one. Actually it's this very place that's a heart break."
I held her hand very calmly. Gazing about.
"I was banished here by someone special."
My heart shook. And my left eye twitched static. Ow.
"Well, I loved him, he loved me. I broke it off 'cause he told me I was the devil's child. Since I feasted on the dead, which is purifying."
"Not evil at all."
"So he, banished me because I left him. I've been the Manor of this place since forever. I have a vivid picture of his face in my head."
"Actually, to be honest."
Looking into the mirrors, smiling.
"We'll be seeing him soon."

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"We are all complex creatures, and we don't always understand each other."
"That makes living interesting."
She gently squeezed Antique's slim hand in reassurance.
The mirrors surrounded them, and each did not reflect exactly cheerful images.
They weren't exactly gloomy either.
Lilliel and Antique anticipated the arrival of more guests.
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