Naruto 3rd Person Shooter (PC)
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Posted 3/2/13 , edited 3/3/13

Hello making a post here and a few other places about this. There is currently a fan based Naruto FPS game being made. It will be a standalone game and is currently in alpha state at this time. I am one of the lead testers of the game.

Making public posts about this because we are looking to raise enough money to fully purchase the game engine we need. At this time we are using a trail or demo version of it, want to purchase the full engine for the release of the game.

The engine it's self costs 1500 USD. We have currently raised around 30% of that. We are seeking fans who want to help get the project complete. We are grateful of any donations no matter how small or big. We have set special things for users who donate between 50-100. And this will be the only time it will be offered.

50+ USD will get alpha + beta access.
100+ USD Will get to use the Anbu character for live + the alpha and beta. This is not something that the public will get to use. Only those who donate as we are doing our fund raiser, so it's a very limited time offer.

I have been told I can not release any pictures of the game to the public eyes yet. But here are some answers to a few questions you may have.

How much will the game cost when released? - The game will be free. As we do not own the rights to Naruto. There will be no cash shop. All donations goes towards the making of the game. That means tools, shader, ect.

Will there be a cash shop? - I did answer this above, but no. We do not own the rights. We are big fans of the show and Manga and we want to see a good FPS style for the game.

Why are you not showing us any videos or Screen shots? - The team wants to keep the hype low and more or less explode it when we do come close to release.

When will this game be released? - There is not a 100% date on it. We are looking to go into beta testing phase in about 1-2 months. From there it depends if we have enough money for the full game engine and all bugs have been corrected.

Is there a web site? There is, but I will not share it public at this time. We will show proof to serious donors (Fans who want to help).

What time era will this be set in? - Shippuden.

What characters do you plan to have at release? - Team 7, a few more but I can't go into detail about that.

What game modes will this have? I will only tell you one for now, that is FFA. There are others, but I can not say them at this time sorry.

If you are interested please feel free to send me a PM with any questions that you may have. Please keep in mind I am posting this on a few different forums and it will be first come first to get. We are only looking to get the amount needed to complete the project for every one.

Thank you.
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Posted 3/2/13 , edited 3/3/13
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