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Posted 3/3/13 , edited 3/3/13
Get'cha Chibi Membership Cards

Hi everyone this is new to Mirrors Ikr? Anyways you can get a chibi membership cards here!!! You will need them soon for something awesome thats coming soon to mirrors!!!~<3
Please put the following:
what background do you want?*hint: you can chose it but if you do please put it in spoiler, you can also ask the spammer or any other mod or creator to choose a pic for you*
what you want the chibi to look like or let the spammer or any other mod choose what chibi you can have.


Did you pay? You can pay by uploading pics in the groups pictures.
*Please show proof by either using the url link or snapshot*
Please keep the forums clean by using spoiler after you request
Keep in mind that you can thank the mods or creator by pm DO NOT thank them in this forum.
*DO NOT request again unless we have a different theme for the memberships or something new comes.
Okay thats all so have fun requesting!!!!!!~<3
~ Sincerely,

~Examples and some kinds of backgrounds~

and some more XDD
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