Wolf Children Ame and Yuki (Movie)
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I just saw the movie and thought was pretty decent.

The narration in the beginning was lighthearted with some natural outlook of the backgrounds. The music/soundtrack is also smooth imo with its soft rhythms. The beginning scenes between Hana and that guy moves quite slowly but seemingly fine with their relationship.

Seemingly enough, this part was interesting:

But ya, the movie is told from Yuki's perspective after she is born on a snowy day.

So much tears and sorrow ;.;

Overall, I found the movie to be quite realistic despite the fantasy theme of wolves being part of it. In fact, it traces the roots of raising children and how difficult it is for a single mother. That and the fact the children aren't entirely human makes it even more difficult. I think the film also taught a little bit about evolution and how growing up teaches people new things. Additionally, it involved social issues later on and dealing with isolationism and how some people are treated differently because they are not like the others.

At any rate, I highly recommend giving this movie a shot.

Overall rating: 8/10
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Posted 3/3/13 , edited 3/3/13
Loved it in the theatre at a film festival last year, enough to buy the disc last month. My kids really liked it too on video.

Interesting, I found it was mostly a civilization vs. nature, city vs. rural theme. I thought it was telling us we have to choose, can't have it both ways.
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*Has wolf in the title* I'm watching it. *Hosoda, Mamoru: Director, Original Creator, Screenplay* Don't have to watch it to know I'll love it.
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