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This is just a little side story to what is happening now.

Tell your character's past here. You may even get a gift if you're lucky ;3..
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As a Baby Chimchar, he is always hated by Paul, a certain trainer. He replaced Chimchar for a certain fire type, and Magmortar is... Powerful. With another trainer by his side, he feels happy! When he beat Paul's pokemon, he evolved into Monferno. As he evolve, he grows slightly stronger. His blaze is the reason he met someone in the name of Champion. Champion blasts him with one shot. Moments later, Monferno's blaze activates. Champion blocked his flame wheel with one slap, sending him flying to Caldera. As he was flying, he evolves into Infernape. He nearly died but went to sleep...
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Since existance, koyami was alone. No one wanted her no matter how much she wanted them. No matter who she cared for, they didnt care back. No matter who she loved, they just hated back. No matter who she killed, they were too dead to kill back. Koyami realized that even a lonely being can replace the feeling of lonlieness with the feeling of boredom. To cure boredom, other people arent absolutely nessecary. But if others are nessesary to cure boredome, then its killing two birds with ine stone. So she spends her life entertaining her lonely self. But in she end, she always ends up being the killer deamon she is.
Koyami was asleep for 250 years after she was punished for murder of thousands of beings. The angel lord isolated her sleeping body until she awoke and escaped. Koyami was furious when she found out how much time had passed. "THOES FUCKING ANGELS STOLE 250 YEARS OF ENTERTAINMENT FROM ME! whats with that punishment from their lord when all i did was have fun with souls of strange beings. They will repay me. I will get back my 250 years while not spending 250 years on getting back my 250 years because then i will always be getting my 250 years back while time continues so unless something drastic happens, i will have an objective of getting back my 250 years. Come here my angels. allow me your pleasure of giving back my time."
For every angel soul koyami eats, she obtains their knowledge and memory because the brain waves she controls is consuned with the soul. Her objective is to obtain 250 years worth of fun memories from angels and their loved ones while continueing to live her current life and make her own memories so that her world is filled with so much fun, that lonelieness just dissappeares into the light of happiness.
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Bored and fed up with the constant repative life style of his day to day existence. Ray always had friends to look outt for him, hence his strong sence of honor. However he never understood why someone is oppressed by sociality for lacking things such as money or power. He also struggled to understand why some people had so much yet others had non. Something that has always angered Ray is the fact that getting good grades and a job was a necessity, all he really want to do was have fun, not stress himself out over the results of a maths test. One day sitting in class listening to the teacher give a painful examination of algebra, something caught his eye, something outside the window, on the playground below. It seemed to be a guy in a massive black trench coat, the guy stared right at Ray. From tuen on thats where things changed.
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