Sucubi High Chapter 1
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I have 6 other chapters made so if you like it please respond

Sucubi High
Setting: A Mansion 2 years ago

Lilith (at age 15): Mom, dad, I’m home! What’s for dinner?


Lilith: Mom…dad…?

Lilith walks into kitchen to find a similarly aged man standing over two corpses. Lilith, with a terrified expression, stared at the 2 dead bodies.
Then Lilith looks up at this mysterious man’s face and starts to run. The man chases after her. Lilith runs up the stairs, only to slip and fall.
The man standing over Lilith bends down and his finger transforms into a sharp object with a small hole in the middle similar to a needle. He grabs her arm and drives his finger into her vein when suddenly, at the top of the stairs, a man in a white trench coat appears

Needle Finger: NO! IT CAN’T BE!

Lilith blacks out after seeing a powerful white light emanating from the man in white. Lilith comes to an hour later, laying on the stairs with the man in white investigating the bodies.

The man in white: It’s okay, everything is gonna be fine.

Lilith kneeling over the bodies, sobbing: Wh-who are you?

She looked up at him with woeful eyes.

???: My name isnt important. Just remember the name of that thing. It’s name is Azriel and no matter what you, yes you, must hunt it down and kill it.

Lilith: Wh-why?

Her voice quivered as she tried to calm herself down.

Man in white: Because it’s your destiny! And I’m here to help.

Man in white proceeds to cast a spell on Lilith with an unknown effect.

3 Years Later

Azriel (as Narrator and looks nothing like the demon from prolouge): Hello, my name is Azriel. I have just transferred to Yukito high school. I came to this school after my job was done back in Osaka. I am what some call a devil or demon, but the technical term is incubus. I suck the life energy from any and all girls I kiss. I’ve lived in Osaka my whole life, but finally came to Tokyo because I bled Osaka’s youth dry of their precious energy. Now I know I sound like a real D-I-C-K, but I have standards.

My Rules For Sucking Life Energy:

1. Only suck the life energy of the girls that fuck with me.
2. Never suck life energy in front of anyone.
(Rule 2 1/2: Suck the life energy of any witnesses.)
3. And most importantly, never feel bad for your victims.

Rule number 2 1/2: Well…lets just say I’m not the sneakiest incubus you’ll ever meet.
Rule number 3: Hey. I got to get fed somehow.

Anyways, Osaka is over with and its time to take over Tokyo.

Chapter 1 Part 1

The Cafeteria
Adminisrator: Next

Azriel walks forward

Adminisrator: Name?

Azriel: Azriel,sir.

Adminisrator: place of birth?

Azriel: Osaka. (inner voice) hell

Adminsirator Hands Azriel an id card and calls the next person in line

???: Hmm it seems ive found you Azriel!!! (Said to herself)

??? walks over to Azriel and “trips” dropping all her books

???: Oh no!

Azriel: Dont worry i”ll help, whats your name?

Elizibeth: Oh my name is Elizibeth

Azriel: Oh ya we were in the same class last year but why are you here in Tokyo?

Elizibeth: well following all the mysterious deaths in osaka high i got the hell out of there.

Azriel:(DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT i should have killed her when i had the chance but she never fucked with me. So this is my punishment for having standards) well i’ll see ya around k?

Elizibeth: OK! (what he doesent know is that last year i fell madly i love with him and i transferd here for him. Am i creepy?)

Azriel picks up the last book and leaves the cafeteria where registration was being held.

Azriel walking to his first class walks past an alleyway


Azriel Dashes towards the sound of screaming and sees a fight going on. Azriel attempts to push back the attacker but gets thrown in the brick wall behind him with a mighty force. Azriel wakes up 1 hour later as sees a man unconscious sitting right next to him.

Azriel:(Damn that hurt) Hey man are you ok?
Azriel shakes veraciously until the attacked comes too. the attacked gets a horrified look on his face and runs away.

Azriel: well that was weird.

Azriel goes back to dorm after a long day.

(Knock Knock)

Azriel: Who is it?!

???: The police open up!!!

Azriel proceeds to open the door, as soon as he opens the door he is tackled to the ground by no less than 5 policemen


Policeman: I charge you with possesion of illegal substances.

the policeman pulls out a big bag of cocaine found in his locker


Prolouge to chapter 1 Part 2

setting funeral

Lilith: (weeping) WHY WHY THEM!!! why did you have to choose THEM!!!

Man in white: its ok its ok when we kill that bastard you’ll get your revenge.

End of Prolouge

Azriel Is behind bars for possession .

Guard: Hey kid your out on bail

Azriel: who the hell would bail me out of jail

Lilith: me, im the one who bailed you out.

Azriel: Why the hell would you do that. I don’t even know you!

Lilith: well if your not grateful than i’ll take my money and leave!

Azriel: fine fine (god i haven’t said this in a while) thhhhhann-kkk you (wow that was difficult)

Lilith: your welcome you now owe me one kiss a reward (MUHAHAHA he shall finally become my slave)

Azriel goes up to kiss Lilith but just as they are about to lock lips Elizabeth walks by

Elizabeth: Oh HI am i interrupting something (I HOPE I AM)

Azriel: well this girl over here bailed me out of jail so i have to repay the favor with a kiss

As Lilith and Azriel are about to lock lips Azriel dodges to the side and kisses here on the cheek

Azriel: (Whispers) Do you relly think i didnt know you were a succubus.

Lilith: well played!

Lilith fly’s away

Elizabeth: WTF how is she flying!

Azriel: she is a succubus a creature that feeds on a mans life force and i assume she wanted me to kiss her because she wants to be her slave. or maybe its because im too damn sexy.

After Azriel Tells Elizibeth that lilith has super powers Elizabeth faints.

30 mins later

Beth: Wh, whats goin on Man?

Azriel: your at my house resting after you fainted

Beth: What! ummm,so that strange girl having wings was just in my head right?

Azriel: yeaaaah no she actually has wings and so do I

Beth: WHAT!

Azriel: (uses Hypnotic incubus power) now let us kiss. ( I haven’t sucked life energy in a while and im hungry)

Azriel inches ever closer to Elizabeth’s lovely lips

Azriel: ( WAIT DAMN she hasent Fucked with me yet DAMN YOU STANDARDS) never mind Beth ( I might be the kindest Incubus ever)

???:(in azriels Mind) ya know ya want to

Azriel:Who the hell is this ! Only other demons have telpathy. Are you Lilith?

???: No im an…Observer, Someone watching and waiting for you to use your full potential.

Azriel:I might be a hell spawn but I only suck life out of bad people I’ll never go back!

???: You’ll come around… sooner or later

the mystery demon has leaft azriel’s mind and when azriel opens his eyes to discover Elizabeth has kissed him!

Azriel: Oh shit!
Beth: oh yeah so i just kissed you and i get an oh shit what a gentleman!

Azriel: ( interesting why hasn’t she become my slave)

a strange man runs into azriels room

???: Run RUN NOW

Azriel: Hey i know y-


As He finished his sentence a ferocious Cerberus comes dashing into Azriels room and grows 10 fold destroying the dorm. The Cerberus Then takes a Swing at Azriels Sends him 500 feet in to school pool and knocking him out.

Azriel: Is this it?

Chapter 1 Part 3 ( Ending of Chapter 1 )

???: NO!

Azriel: wh, what ( Drowning sounds)

???: I shall Save you

Azriel: Who…Are…You
(Azriel blacks out)


Azriel then starts levitating out of the water and after he is completely out of the pool the water is evacuated from his lungs.

10 mins later

Azriel slowly coming to


Azriel now awake

Azriel: WHAT

Beth: the Cerberus is destroying the school lets run!

Azriel: time to turn him into…dog food

(puts on sunglasses)

Narrator: NO REFERENCES we might get sued

Azriel runs towards the Cerberus when Beth gets in front of him.

Beth: STOP!

Azriel: why

Beth: Because i dont want to see you get hurt!
(Large growl in background)

Azriel: I’m sorry i have to go

Azriel side steps Beth


Beth Kisses Azriel

Azriel: (I KNEW IT she… isn’t human) Don’t worry Beth. That girl isn’t the only one with powers

Azriels wings expand and his fingernails turn into claws

Azriel: Ok lets kill us a three headed dog!

Azriel flys towards the cerberus and roundhouse kicks him in the nose. Then when he is dazed stab the cerberus in the eyes with his claws.

???: Hey azriel catch!

The Strange Man that barged into Azriels room throws azriel a Blade that shines with a white hot intensity

???: It’s a holy blade STAB HIM NOW

Azriel: (I’m a Demon why aren’t I dying?)

Azriel then fly’s higher up into the air and comes down crashing down with the holy blade Into the Cerberus’s back. The Cerberus then explodes in a blindingly bright light

Azriel flys towards the mystery man

Azriel: who the hell are you!?

Giamod: My name is giamod (Whispers) dont be tempted

Azriel: by what?

Giamod has vanished into thin air

Beth runs into the room

Beth: Im so glad your ok

Azriel: Beth I….I…

Beth : yes azriel

Azriel: I suggest you get out of the way

A chunk of cerberus guts falls onto beths head from the sky getting stuck in her hair

Beth: (crying)

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