Would you play a Naruto MMORPG?
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Posted 3/5/13 , edited 3/5/13
In my opinion, Naruto is one of the few anime that would translate well to an mmo.

Classes pretty much create themselves. There are 3 different types of jutsu Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Then there are 5 main elements within Ninjutsu plus combination elements like Wood and Magma.

Could have;

Genjutsu Specialist- Support class. Buffs, Debuffs Dots ETC.
Taijutsu Specialis-Physical fighter. Can tank or DPS, most weapon options
Medical Ninja-The healer obviously. Can DPS using a Kabuto like fighting method
Water and Earth Ninja-Gains Wood style ninjutsu at high levels. Can tank, DPS or heal with special water jutsu
Fire and Earth Specialist-Can learn Magma style attacks at high level. Can tank or DPS
Wind and Lightning Specialist-Stealth specialist that uses wind and lightning based assassination techniques
Summoning Specialist-The pet class

Weapons would also be plenty varied, though I think armor would be a bit of an issue. Though if they had a style system like in DCUO where the specific piece of gear can look like whatever you want it would be fine.

Setting the game within the previous Great Ninja War would also set up the world as well as the story with no issue. Factions would be a set of allied Shinobi villiages. Setting it within the previous world war would also grant the developers so much more freedom than setting it during Naruto's time.

Gameplay would obviously have to be more action based like Guild Wars 2, TERA, DCUO etc... rather then old school hotkey based gameplay.

Ninjutsu and Genjutsu users could have a summoning for a mount while Taijutsu specialists could get a special Ninja Run mode (think Worgen running wild from WoW)

Would you play?

Is there another anime you think would make a good MMO? Describe it for us
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Posted 3/5/13 , edited 3/5/13
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