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Posted 3/6/13 , edited 3/7/13
So apparently Crunchyroll will have manga titles to read.
I think that's great, and I have a suggestion that would make it even greater:
Release some genderbenders and ecchi genderbenders please.
No other English language digital manga site has them but I think they are really popular and there are so many out there that need discovering by English speaking fans.

Genderbenders are unique in that they present characters and relationships that don't fall into your typical heteronormative situations.

Usually genderbender manga, will have a character who either:
1) changes into the opposite sex, temporarily or typically he or she stays that way throughout most of the story.
2) looks like the opposite sex so he or she crossdresses and this clothing suits them better than the clothing that would normally be gender appropriate.

For anyone who likes cute traps like I do, genderbenders are a great way to find them, but the genderbenders I like most are the transformation ones where characters are changed into the opposite sex and they have to find out how to live in that situation and the reader is treated to the many fun and ecchi situations that typically ensues.

Please Crunchyroll, find and release as many genderbenders as you can.
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