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Posted 3/10/13 , edited 3/10/13
Con-G from February 23-24 in Guelph, ON at

Even for just part of the weekend, Con-G was a great experience (the first time for me) to get to perform and meet all the great 404s fans at the 3 shows. Saturday had a League Show and Late Night Show while Sunday was a normal Finale Show. Each show had an enthusiastic showing of 150 plus attendees and the convention overall hit over 1, 400 attendees overall of excitable anime, video game and cosplay fans among many geeky interests.

The fun and competitive League format kicked off the weekend. Whether it was being dragged around to the hospital after a car fell to being pony killers or even being hideous Frankenstein creations, the action was fast and furious (and in some cases replayed in Half the amount of the Time as the first story). There were fish stories about weddings gone wrong without belts. A special dubbing of a Swahili showdown occurred for land ownership. There was a confrontation of the Supernatural brothers with ponies, demons and gods, while others tried to break into the Gates of Gabriel. The Bermuda Triangle became a place where anything could come true thanks to Random Lines depicting sudden adoption cases and flying dragons. And Simple Joe appeared and wasn’t so simple after all.

Audience members also came up for some of the wildest Moving People ever with actors hanging off the stage, and Living Scenery where they became human baseball bats and other props, all in good fun and participation. Fans also got to participate at halftime against each other in games like Zulu, so attendees got plenty of ways to get interactive with The 404s shows.

During the other shows lots of fun discoveries occurred. Michael Bay and Megan Fox had just reunited to ruin more movies with their explosive movies so it was noted a lot and ridiculed. The ‘Broski’ Cyrano was a way better moving moment. Superheroes like Toaster Man, the Harlem Shaker, the Tonka Truck Kid and the Narcoleptic Kid helped solve all the re-used underwear in the world. Scenes panned left and right to tell stories of video gaming brothers, Kwanzaa, a retelling of West Side Story and a couple sharing apples before death in a hospital. Many limbs and body parts were lost in everything from Hey You, Down There to Film Styles of a couple’s relationship, which included even the ways of the Kabuki, shoujo and Vaudeville to explain split ups.

There was a dating game with Konata of Lucky Star cosplaying as Haruhi Suzumiya trying to guess and pick a date between Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist, a Nutella lover and a pony. Drunken Monkeys were sung to stop jumping on any beds. Options were given for helping a robot feel emotions, to helping Igor and Dr. Frankenstein build new creations to take over the world. There were 3 Idiots who came upon a scene with Germany and England of Hetalia Axis Powers to tell them they had a cat, many Oktoberfest sausages and panzers to serve and slaps from Broomhilda the wife. William Shatner had a conference to reveal he got his groove back with his new llama. A trip for a CEO got scripted for Every Other Line from a manga by his secretary on what to do overseas. A hockey game with a dad and his son became a series of Changes of various NHL teams to see as they fought for luxury box seats. Even the 2000 year old man (twice as famous for being older than Mel Brooks’ 1000 year old man) appeared before a show to tell the tales of Joan of Arc! It was a fun-filled weekend that made sure to look for a wallet and Little Timmy’s interest in becoming a Tool Man someday.

In between shows there were lots of things to do. Bennett the Sage, one of the internet guests had an informative and entertaining panel on older anime shows. There was a panel with various cosplay judges like guests Featherweight and Kaijugal to talk about what they look for that cosplayers should point out (Workmanship!) and give greater detail to. Before one of the shows there was this neat Lightning Round cosplay contest of various makeshift on the spot cosplay outfits.

Here were my latest finds in the Artist Alley and Dealers Room on the weekend:

*2 more packs of Strawberry Hi-Chew [yes I’m hooked on the stuff]
*A Soul Eater postcard
*3 Magi Two-sided Magi artwork keychains for Morg [my current favourite female character], Sinbad [the best character period] and Alibaba [my second favourite male character]
*2 Cat Magnets
*3 boosters of Pokemon Black and White Plasma Storm

As always, I collect all videos of the Eastside 404s shows that can be found on the following playlists.

The Older First Set of Videos -
The Current Updated, Ongoing Video Set -
And here are a few different playlists for various convention videos, mixing conventions I’ve been to and others I liked seeing online: AND
Finally, check out this regularly updated photo album of my convention photos at:

The 404s latest info can be found as well at

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