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Posted 3/12/13 , edited 3/13/13
Hi, Bankshot here! Well not here right now, but I was here to type this.(?) Any how, we were just wondering just how did you find out about "Date a live" and specifically how did you find our group? Given the fact that the show ISN'T EVEN OUT YET!!!...not that that matters, but...we were just wondering?
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Posted 3/15/13 , edited 3/16/13
I saw the trailer on CR
Posted 4/5/13 , edited 4/6/13
When I was reading SAO light novel... Thats when the site I was going to recommended it to me an WOW! another original story that be came my fav.... (Just to let you guys know SAO wasn't an anime yet when I read Date A Live... just saying.)
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Posted 4/13/13 , edited 4/13/13
You guys invited me to the group, thats how I found out and... THANK YOU!
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Posted 5/8/15 , edited 5/8/15
I found out when my friend share this.It kind of amazing.
I just finish it in one day.. And i really like it.
When im looking for update i accidentally press the site.. CRUNCHRYROLL ..
I make myself an account and found a group.
First group i saw is DATE A LIVE/DATE A FAN. Im the only one in the group so i look another one to join.. And now i find this group... But it just take me one week to find this group..
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