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Kimi no Iru Machi
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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13

Hashimtr wrote:

Its been fillers for a while now around 40 chapters. No plot, just Miyu coming and going, Akari gets married, Takashi gets Kiyomi pregnant, they're getting married and Asuka is still single... thats not bad but want some sort of twist... Like Kanzaki coming back and Haruto starts talking with her and they get close and he gets conflicted, finally they kiss and he has too choose between her and Yuzuki... not the best idea, a little repeatative but its better than having chapters about Haruto inviting his child neighbour over to make her not like him by farting..... Lol I got way into this manga, not my type of thing but its reasonable entertainment

Hi there. I'd forgotten this thread even existed.

Because it seems that most of the discussion is actually about the manga (even though the initial post was regarding it being adapted to an anime), and because the anime is now out and has its own discussion thread, I'm locking and closing this thread.

If you're interested in joining the anime discussion you can find it here:


I don't think there's an existing manga discussion, but if you want to start one, you can do so here:

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