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Posted 3/13/13 , edited 3/13/13
1. What was Kyoko doing when Moko throws Maria at her during the auditions to enter LME?

A. Making a voodoo doll.
B. Wondering how to pass the audition
C. Planning how to exact revenge on Shou.
D. Thinking about how much she hates Shou.

2. When is the birthday of Maria, the granddaughter of Lory, the president of LME?

A. December 24th
B. December 10th
C. December 25th
D. December 31st

3. What is Kyoko's stone called?

A. Ren
B. Sho
C. Corn
D. Moko

4. What is the name of the guy from LME whom Kyoko harasses for 2+ days at the beginning of the manga till he gives up?

A. Youchiro
B. Sawara-san
C. Ren-san
D. Lory-san

5. Who says this line in the manga/anime?
- "He's my prey!"

A. Sho
B. Ren
C. Lory-san
D. Kyoko

I will post the answers later! and if you guys answer all the questions i will add more! PLEASE POST Thank you! :)
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