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21 / F / SAO ( ˘ ³˘)♥
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Location Of Birth:Angel World

Other: Demonic

Character Description: She fell in love with the King Of The UnderWorld and was turned into a demon . She gave up her Angel life to turn into a Demon .

7. Ability (2 Only): Control Peoples Bodies and can transform into anyone she wants

8. Picture:
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Wherever they are...
Posted 4/20/13 , edited 4/21/13
1. Student Name: Matsunaga Kane

2. Student Age: 17

3. Student Gender: Male

4. Location Of Birth: Surface World

5. Host of Demon

6. Character Description:
He is quickly accustomed to his luxurious lifestyle but often feels lonely as his friends aren't true friends. His mother seems to be his only friend but he hardly talks to her since he is out 'curing' his loneliness with parties and school events. He cares for his mother but much less for his servants. He is often protected by guards around the clock much to his annoyance and hardly make any friends at school. He is quite the ladies' man since he can get his many girlfriends anything they want. He easily accepts his rival in the name of fun.

He is a host of his family demon - Samael. He can channel its power but loses sanity slowly each time.

7. Ability (2 Only):
-Super strength
He likewise has learned to take control of nightmares

8. Picture:
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F / -Euphoria
Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13

Lucia Scarlet
Student Age ::17
Student Gender :: ♀
Location Of Birth :: Surface World
Angelic, Demonic, Other :: Demonic - Vampire(Bitten)
Ability :: Vampire Physiology - Has obtained vampiric abilities and traits.( Enhanced strength/Speed, Etc.)
Character Description :: A typical tsundere. Stoic and strong, mentally and physically. She tends to give of an indifferent persona but truthfully wishes to get along with people. She chooses not to get attached to people for the fear of hurting them in the long run. She's quite the hard worker from which she is often praised upon because of it. She is also naturally competitive and can be quite the hot head, so don't be surprised if she snaps at you every now and then. Lucia dislikes when things don't go her way but is very mature when it comes to handling her feelings. Its very common to see her with an attitude. She often tends to be rather blunt, speaking freely on sensitive topics as well as not being hesitant to point out others' flaws.
She hasn't fully learned to control her vampiric side so It often appears when she is feeling high levels of distress or emotion. Her eyes will glow and a bright red and her whole personality will change as she becomes more sadistic and mischievous.
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24 / F / My Safe Haven
Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/23/13
1. Student Name: Vayne Cross

2. Student Age: 18

3. Student Gender: Male

4. Location Of Birth: Unknown

5. Angelic, Demonic, Other: Half-breed (Angel-Vampire)

6. Character Description: A mysterious and eccentric person. he works as a waiter at a nearby cafe whose always seen dozing-off when hungry. The only way to wake him up is to feed him food. He tends to have a misleading way of speaking.

7. Ability (2 Only):
a.) Passive Vampire Abilities(Inhuman strength and speed,heightened endurance and resistance)

b.) Healing

8. Picture:

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