Brotherhood of War (Tae Guk Gi)
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Posted 3/16/13 , edited 3/17/13
So, I wanted to share this movie with everyone because it's completely legal to watch on YouTube.

It is probably one of the saddest movies I've ever seen. I remember not being able to stop crying when I was little watching this. The movie revolves around two brothers in the Korean war, and that's about all I can reveal about it.

A lot of people agree that this, if not greater than, is on the level of movies such as Saving Private Ryan.

I would just like to see what people thought of the movie if they were bored and had time to kill tonight/later.

It's in Korean of course, but it has English subtitles. I feel like it is superbly underrated on because the critics who brought its score down are mostly from unreputable and weird newspaper companies. I wish it had the chance to be reviewed by big movie raters, but oh well. Here's the link again - Enjoy!

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Posted 9/14/13 , edited 9/14/13
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