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Ever been in the eye of a hurricane?
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Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/6/13
Having been born and raised in Miami, Fla, you get used to living with a target painted on you. I've been through two direct hits and a near miss, but never in the eye itself. Always wanted to though. I've heard the quiet is deafening, until the REST of the hurricane hits.
Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/7/13
Yes I live in Louisiana.

Most recently was Gustav I believe. Well the wind and the rain just die down completely. It seems like the storm has passed. For about 30 minutes or more it is just peaceful. A kind of odd peace. Then the winds will start picking up and then will pick up quickly and become strong again. You then have another 4-6 hours of straight raining and wind.
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Posted 3/30/14 , edited 3/31/14

Tekrelious wrote:

I've been in two hurricanes but never the eye. Anyone? What's it like? What's it like to see the eyewall?

no...but i do have...the eye of the tiger!!
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