Which Naruto game should I try?

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Posted 3/18/13 , edited 3/19/13
hello, I'm new to the Naruto series and currently enjoying the first series (not on shippuden yet). I was looking at trying the Naruto Ulimate Ninja Storm 2, generations, and Ninja storm 3 and wondering which one should I try? Is it worth it to go back to Ninja Storm 2 and try all 3 games or just skip to the most current one (Ninja Storm 3)? I am currently in the pre-shippuden filler arc as far as my knowledge of the story.
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Posted 3/18/13 , edited 3/19/13
Please try here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-10664/the-animemanga-help-thread
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