An English Interview of the director of the latest One Piece Film Z
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Posted 3/19/13 , edited 3/20/13
Hi guys, I just found an interview of the director of the latest One Piece Film - in ENGLISH!

There are some great information like what he thinks about Oda, and the difficulty of putting the manga into anime.

I especially liked this part.

As a director, which characters were the easiest to bring to life?

Chopper, Brook and Frankie were easy to bring to life. Batoru and Sirius were perfect for comic relief when they cared for their friends. When there was trouble we would default to Brook. (Laughs) Especially the combination of adults Brook and Frankie had a great feeling. Brook is the leader of a pirate brigade and Frankie is the head of a household. The person who became a boss once pumping Luffy up is very pure in my opinion. Why do those two stick together as Luffy's pirate brigade? is the backbone of the big idea that I had been constantly thinking about as I produced this film. Also, as this is a film for children, I wanted to depict the adult characters well. Whether it's Zet or the navy, I wanted to show that for bad deeds justice will be served. Children are small adults so they can sense the composition of a character. I wanted to show that this is what an adult is to the children who watch this film.
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