Gears of War: Judgement
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Posted 3/20/13 , edited 3/20/13
I just bought the prequel to the Gears franchise and was hoping to hear peoples thoughts on it. Is it good? How is the Multiplayer? Is the storyline good? etc.

PS I just bought it but I have not played it. not until i get back from work.
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Posted 3/22/13 , edited 3/22/13
The game is superb, with few complaints it lives up to its name.

Multiplayer is addicting, especially the overun mode. More customization weapon/armor skins, medals, etc.
(Considering your skilled, getting top scores after each match is very satisfying),
Campaign has alot to love, engaging story, new perks, breath taking scenery, etc.
Besides the AI's, they're useless so its better to play with others than alone.

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Posted 3/23/13 , edited 3/24/13
Here are my thoughts:

1) I really don't like the changes they made to the controller and the game mechanics as it was fine in Gears 3. I hate how Y is to change guns and that you cannot carry a pistol when carrying two other weapons like in gears 3. The d-pad was fine and didn't need to be changed. Also, I hate how LB is to throw grenades. It is way more uncomfortable unlike gears 3 and LB should be for tac-com, not up on the d-pad!

2) The campaign was barely a story and there were barely any character development. Baird was not very snarky in this game as he was in the previous titles and Cole was pretty silent which was atypical. The other two characters weren't as defined or engaging because of the lack of character development mentioned. The boss battle was way too easy and I finished the game in two sittings.

3) Online... well I haven't played online, but playing the campaign with other people sucks. The people who join my game always die and it's very frustrating. The AI is way more helpful than real players.

Overall, this game was okay, but not as good as its predecessors and was not definitely worth $60. It feels more like a new game mode for gears 3 than a stand alone title.
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Posted 3/24/13 , edited 3/24/13
i like it so far. i like my new special sniper that you get at the beginning ^_^
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Posted 4/6/13 , edited 4/7/13
The game is good by itself but part of the GoW franchise, not so much.

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Posted 10/25/13 , edited 10/25/13
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