Best Way to Learn Japanese
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Posted 3/20/13 , edited 3/21/13
Hi everyone,

I am planning to visit japan in the next number of years, years because I have to save money first >.<,
and I decided to learn japanese to make my stay there a lot less confusing and maybe save my
hide from angering someone or some other such nonsense or keep myself from getting lost...
I am leaning towards rosetta stone because it comes highly recommended from people I know
who learned spanish/french. Classes are an option sort of, I don't really know where to get them except
from a local language learning place called Le Tutor, however it's significantly more expensive than
rosetta stone...anyone have any feedback on the best way for a white guy in Arizona to get some japanese
learning for reasonable cost perhaps?
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Posted 3/20/13 , edited 3/21/13
Sorry this is a duplicate:

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