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I found an old fan fiction I wrote about Hitsugaya from Bleach. Hope you like it.

"Hitsugaya Grows Up"

Hitsugaya is still asleep in his bed. His alarm clock rings and he knocks it off the stand.

"Ugh, another day to get through" said Toshiro thinking about all he has to do for the day.

Still half asleep, he stands up straight and finally takes his feet from out the covers and onto the floor. When he got up, he noticed everything wasn't at it's usual level that he's used to seeing.

"What the.......did everything shrink?" said the confused 10th squad captain. Not only did he notice everything in the room was smaller but his night clothes were small on him as well.

"Let me find out this is some kind of joke. Who would do something like this?"

He thought for a moment and came up with the most logical person.

"Matsumoto is going to get it" said a now upset Hitsugaya. He looked for his phone and called Matsumoto.

"(in a sleepy voice) Hm, Hello?" Matsumoto answered.


"Whaaa.........I did something to you? That's impossible. I only got drunk with my usual people last night and even then, I'm never that drunk to do something with them........of course there was that one time......"

"That's not what I'm talking about though the fact that your mind can make that kind of judgement while under the influence surprises me. Anyway, I'm talking about the little prank you pulled on me. Surrounding me with smaller versions of my things making it look like I grew."

"(laughing) But isn't everything you own the smaller version of what everyone else have? How can there be an even smaller version? Even Yachiru can use your stuff"

"Would you SHUTUP! Anyway, since it seems you had nothing to do with this, I'm still going to need your help to figure out whats going on. Meet me in my office in an hour. I would've said in 30 minutes but something tells me you'll go back to sleep and won't show...............Matsumoto?.......(hears snoring).........MATSUMOTO WAKE UP!"

"Yeah, I'm up, I'm up. What you say?"

"(facepalms) Just meet me in the office as soon as you can"

"Okay, okay" They both hang up the phone.

Matsumoto finally comes into the office. She notices the back of the captain's chair is facing the table and moving and figures Hitsugaya is probably sitting in the chair.

"Alright, I'm here captain. So have you figured out what happened in your room yet?"

"Matsumoto. The problem isn't just in my room anymore. No, in fact, there was never a problem with my room. The problem"

Hitsugaya turns the chair and stands up. Matsumoto has a shocked look on her face. Her captain was even taller than her.

"I really have......grown"

What started out as confusion has now turned into happiness. Hitsugaya is overjoyed.

"I don't know what happened, but I'm glad it did" Hitsugaya said with much excitement.

"That's great and all but you look kinda stupid wearing the clothes from your old height. (starts laughing)"

Hitsugaya's happiness turned into annoyance.

"Well I can't help it. This is all I have"

"Fine, I'll see what I can find" She leaves trying to find extra clothing that fits the new height of her captain."

*20 minutes later*

"Alright, captain I found some clothes. I wasn't easy ya know"


Hitsugaya changes into his more fitting clothes. Matsumoto's back was turned but still wanted to peak at any new benefits of the new height.

"Alright, I'm all set over here. I was thinking, I should start using this new height to my advantage right now. And I'm going to start with you"

"With me?" Matsumoto was nervous. She didn't know what he could possibly do now that he couldn't do before.

*Thinking to herself* "Could it be he always thought of me in that way and now that he's bigger than he, he wants to take that kind of advantage?"

She watches as he got closer to her. He then passes her and stands in front of the door.

"Matsumoto, I want you......."

She starts getting nervous

" start doing those two piles of paper work!" Hitsugaya said with much power pointing to all the work.

"...Huh?" Matsumoto responded with a little disappointment

"That's right. Every time I stand in front of the door to prevent you from leaving, you would always leap frog over me, pushing me to the ground and escaping. That won't work this time! I'm going to stand right here until I have to leave for the captains' meeting and watch you do all that work I'm always left doing. And don't bother to escape because I'm pretty sure I could easily catch."

Matsumoto had a defeated look on her face. She sat at the table and got right to work. Hitsugaya enjoyed watching this turn of events. Unfortunately, it didn't last as long as he had wanted. It was now time for him to go to the captains' meeting.

As Hitsugaya was walking towards the captains' meeting, from far away, he was greeted by Ukitake. From the distance, Ukitake didn't notice the new height Hitsugaya had acquired. As Hitsugaya got closer to him, Ukitake finally noticed.

"Hitsugaya? Wha....what happened to you?" Ukitake said surprised.

"I don't know but I will no longer be treated like a kid. Speaking of how I'm treated, the candy you always give me........"

"I see where you're going to go with this and don't worry. The candy thing had nothing to do with you looking like a kid. It's just something between us 'Shiro' brothers. So I'll keep hooking you up."

Hitsugaya was about to explain how wrong he was but they got the head captain's room before he could start. They both went inside and greeted the captains that were already inside. They, too, noticed his height.

"My, my, someone has been taking extra vitamins." joked Kyoraku

"Hm, maybe if I perform a few 'experiments' I could find out how he grew so fast." said Mayuri

"Yeah, I don't need to know why this happened to me that badly." Hitsugaya said quickly to put that thought out of Mayuri's mind.

"I see we're almost eye to eye now. Maybe we should fight later to see if your strength is almost the same as mine as well." said Zaraki thinking about how it might be a good fight.

"I don't care if I past your height, I'm never fighting you." Hitsugaya responded annoyed.

"Aw, you're no fun. You're finally able to see over....well most won't even take advantage of it with a good fight? What a waste. You might not even be that height for long" Zaraki sounded upset.

"Now, now..." Ukitake tried to calm Zaraki

The captains for squads 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 9 all arrived at their own separate times: Soifon just stared and walked passed him, Gin made a similar remark like Kyoraku did, Unohana and Aizen just gave a smile, Kuchiki looked but gave no real acknowledgement, Komamura just questioned what happened and Tousen obviously didn't notice. When Yamamoto finally came, he had them line up in their usually positions. As he walked towards his chair, he past Hitsugaya and looked not once but twice at him. He thought to himself that he was too old for this and began the meeting.

A hour later, the meeting was finally over. Hitsugaya figured since he gave Matsumoto all the paper work to do, he'll give himself a little free time before heading back to the office. He didn't know what to do with himself, so he just walked around aimlessly. The next thing he knew, he was in front of the 5th squad's building.

"I wonder what Hinamori is doing?" he suddenly thought.

He didn't think it was right to go in and bother her. He ended up staying an extra 5 minutes, deciding if he should or shouldn't go in. In the end, he decided not to and started to walk away. Just as he was doing that, the 5th squads's door opened. The person who came out wash Hinamori herself.

"Shiro? Is that you?" Hinamori said surprised to see his new height.

"I told you, call me Captain Hitsugaya. I'm not the same ol' Hitsugaya ya know" He responded in the same way he always did when she didn't call him captain

"Yeah, I can see that." Hinamori responded back.

Hitsugaya blushes a little.

"So what happened to you? How'd you get.....taller?" said Hinamori, looking up and down at him.

"I still haven't figured that out yet. I just woke up this way." responded Hitsugaya

"Oh, I see. So, then, shouldn't you have gone to the 4th or 12th squad to see if if they could have helped you?"

"I don't think the 4th squad could really help with this problem and there's no way in hell I'm letting that Mayuri freak touch my body!"

"*laughs* I see, you still haven't grown out of your stubborness Shiro"

"I see you haven't grown out of your habit of still calling me 'Shiro'" Hitsugaya said annoyed.

For a moment, they just stared at each other and blushed.

"Um....." said, both, Hitsugaya and Hinamori

"Actually, I've always wanted to tell you something Hinamori"

"What is is?" Hinamori said confused.

Hitsugaya held her by the arms and looked straight into her eyes.

"I've.......always had.......feelings......for you" said Hitsugaya while blushing

"Shiro, you......."

"You don't have to say anything. Just let me......"

He started to lean into her.

"But Shiro, you have to WAKE UP!"


To Hitsugaya's surprised, it was just a dream.

"Wake up! Captain wake up!" said Matsumoto

When Hitsugaya fully woke up, he saw he was doing to Matsumoto what he was doing to Hinamori in the dream.

"Matsumoto. What.....was I doing?"

"Not sure. I was coming to wake you up then you suddenly grabbed my arms and started to lean towards me."

"I.......wasn't speaking in my sleep was I?"

"No, no, you were totally silent. Why? Were you thinking about a girl? Who knew you were romantic?" said Matsumoto curiously

"No! Nothing like that! I'm going to head out to see how our squad's training is going. Do me a favor, since you're clearly not doing anything, can you send those reports to their proper places?"

"Sure thing captain"

Hitsugaya got himself together, looking around the room, seeing everything how it's suppose to be, then started walking out the room. After he closed the door, he heard laughter coming Matsumoto. He heard her repeating the last things Hitsugaya were saying to Hinamori in the dream. He stormed back into the room.


The End
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