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[RP] A Jelly Filled Filler (Complete)
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Posted 4/8/13 , edited 4/9/13
Takasugi laughed softly as Sasaki relayed his message - more as an attempt to relieve some of the stress that was still built up than at the expense of the terrified Hitotsubashi member, but that too. To be honest, he was impressed by Sasaki's willingness to go along with this madness; the elite had always seemed like such a reasonable man. Or maybe just a man who followed his own reasoning...

He knew there wasn't much time left before the police came, and he didn't want to be around when they arrived.

"See to it that the authorities and reporters know all about the terrorist attack here. There's no point in even trying to hide something like this, so we'll take advantage of it. And it'll give you much more freedom of movement in return." His eye glinted with a new-found energy... or was it simply bloodlust?

He took a few steps toward the counter where Nobume was helping herself to all of the donuts.

"So, from now on, you can both go as crazy as you like, and I'll take all the blame." He shrugged. "It's the least a non-elite like me can do."

He turned to walk away before Sasaki could react - not that he would react, as he likely expected this to happen.

"Well, the cops are on their way, so that's my cue to disappear. I trust you can handle this without any difficulty. See you around."

He almost felt sorry for any Amanto he might encounter before he made it back to his ship. Raising a hand to wave without looking back, he walked out the door, not paying much attention to what (or who) he stepped on along the way.
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Posted 4/8/13 , edited 4/9/13
Sasaki doesn't bother to watch Takasugi leave. They've said everything they needed to say - and quite a bit more.

The phone is ringing again. He isn't in the mood to answer. Sooner or later, he'll meet with the Hitotsubashi and see how much poison the Tendoshu have poured into their ears. Matsudaira will want to know exactly what's happened here, and Sasaki has a number of lies and truths ready to feed the Police Commisioner.

But he isn't thinking about his plans.

'He must have been a remarkable man, Nobume." he says softly.

Nobume's mouth is stuffed with donut, so the noise she makes in response is entirely non-committal. Sasaki chooses to interpret it as a question.

"Yoshida Shouyou. Any master would be proud of just one great student. To have shaped three profoundly different ones . . .

He pronounces his highest praise:

"A true elite."

He shakes himself from this reverie. Time to go tell the waiting reporters about the vicious Joui attack. Let them know that the lives of Edo's citizens were saved only by the timely intervention of Edo's most elite: the Mimawarigumi. Time to seize the moment as only Sasaki knows how.

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