Help me write a story.
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Posted 3/22/13 , edited 3/22/13
Hi, I'm writing a story. I'm having writer's block so nothing is getting done. I'd like to know if the Crunchyroll Community would like to help me out considering it is mostly inspired by animes I've watched on here.
Currently the story is called Mike Moved but that's a work-in-progress title. The protagonist is Mike Jamison, he is 16 years old and lives with his single mother in Williamsburg, South Carolina. Her job (which is currently a medical scientist but would like to change that) gets transferred to Japan so she has to move there and take Mike with her. The story will be about Mike adjusting to life in Japan...but I can't decide on what I want to happen when he's over there. I want the story to be like an anime, but I don't want it to be a slice of life anime...which is the genre most of my ideas would fall under. The first chapter is already written and he is learning about the Japanese culture and language from his best friend Darren (who happens to be a big otaku)

Here are some guidelines for ideas I'll accept.
Harems are perfectly fine.
Demons, Witches, and other supernatural creatures are welcome.
Space would be a great setting. (This means there can be aliens)
I'm ok with mecha and I might be able to get that to work but try to stay away from that topic.
There WILL be romance so if you want you can give details for how it might be handled.
You can be perverted and let Mike get into some awkward situations but he's going to handle it like an American not like how most guys act in anime when confronted with sexual situations, not all Innocent and awkward...but instead of a boner he'll get a nosebleed as another nod to anime

Things I don't want
NO Ninja's or Samurai's. It would seem stereotypical and make me seem like I don't know anything about Japan other than that.
NO homosexual stuff. No Yuri or Yaoi, that stuff is nasty.

If this ever gets published you guys will be part of the dedication.
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Posted 3/22/13 , edited 3/22/13
a lot of what your asking for kind of depends on the personality of the protagonist, or at least would be easier to think of if we knew, would you mind giving us a characterization, as well as darren and where/how they met.

I don't know if i can but I would love to help
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Posted 3/22/13 , edited 3/22/13
His mother is targeted for her research by a rogue organization. She realizes this and leaves her son, Mike, with her legacy and research, however he is unaware of the danger, so he shrugs it off. After doing this, she is murdered and her murder serves as a catalyst for Mike's transformation into ninja samurai who later develops a relationship with a dog named henry.

Something like that?
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Posted 3/22/13 , edited 3/22/13
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