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Posted 3/22/13 , edited 3/23/13
Basically as stated above, who is your favorite key character? why do you like them among-st the others? Be as creative and descriptive as you feel. In my case it's Tomoyo Sakagami because of the visual novel Tomoyo after which is very good. It gives a whole story to tomoyo x tomoya and gives more detail to the clannad unvierse,
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Posted 4/15/13 , edited 4/15/13
This is a very hard decision for me. There are so many key characters XD My favorite male key character would have to be Masato from Little Busters. He so funny with his "Muscle Yay Yay" dance. As for female that is the hardest. It's a tie between Ayu from Kanon or Kud from Little Busters. "Uguu" is one of the most memorable key quotes for me XD and Kud's story and character is so kawaii. Those are the ones that stand out to me but I love all the characters form keys works!!
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Posted 10/26/13 , edited 10/26/13
Okazaki Tomoya(Clannad)

He is funny, sarcastic, and serious at time, he grows each episode, and matures while handeling life even on harsh times. Also Yuichi Aizawa(Kanon) because imo he is very similar to Okazaki both are cool.

Obviously Tomoyo Sakagami(Clannad), Mio Nishizono, Rin Natsume(Little Busters)
Kawasumi Mai (Kanon) and last but not least Eri Shiina from Angel Beats.

Why Tomoyo and not Nagisa? Hard to explain but if the same story was used for Tomoyo as for Nagisa:

Other characters like Shiina and Rin, Mio and Mai, basicly compare them to Nagato Yuki from Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya well not Rin but Mio is very similar to Yuki and the other girls like Shiina/Mai usually stand out from the hyperactive croud, they don't talk much and are very intelligent/mysterious.
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