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Posted 3/23/13 , edited 3/23/13

The training grounds are where people learn how to use their magic without breaking any classrooms. Here you practice your fighting, learn how use your magic, find out neat tricks you can do, and other things. You have no teacher here, but someone might come in to watch, just in case.
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*gets nearby a tall boulder and looks up at it* Well if i can shrink this boulder to where its a pebble, that'll be my training today among other things.....
*stretches and begins basic kata and sort of creates a kage bushin (shadow clone) and starts a taijutsu fight, eventually dispelling the clone through a kick in the head* 'crap... i had too many openings for my comfort and i dont have super strength like Tsunade-shishou or Sakura-chan... i only have huge chakra reserves like Naruto and Gaara cuz of my vampire and wolf side... i need someone to help me unlock my elf powers so i can strengthen them... kuso... back to training... i need to work on not using handsigns anyway so people can't get suspicious'
*pushes chakra to my feet and walks on the air and simply floats on air in a meditating pose* 'envision a fire and lightning coming together aruzalia, that makes it easier for this jutsu and fighting style to come together... okay... you almost have it... almost...' *i lose it and curses* GOSH DARNIT! FUCK MY LIFE!!!
*a few hours later* lets try this again... *envisions a fire and lightning to come together making a light object and wills it gently towards me* almost have it.. doh! damn lightning characteristics not staying in the same.... thats better *is able to grasp the object in hand and swallows it whole, and sighs and looks at the sky*its that dark already! And its almost 8...8!!! oh shit.... im gonna be late for curfew!! *runs toward the dorms not realizing someone was watching her*
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