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This is where you sign up for your Character.
You may be
-a DigiTamer with a Digimon
-a DigiTamer who turns into a Digimon.
-a DigiTamer with a Digimon who ALSO turns into a Digimon.
-a digimon
There is no limit to how many characters you can be

DigiTamer Application

Digimon partner can be any digimon you like from any generation. just make sure it follows the correct digievolution. like agumon doesnt turn into a garurumon. obviously
to better help you with this, go here to find the digimon and their attacks.
Digimon Partner
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Miki Orihara

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DigiTamer Application
Username: wolfsujiyama1
Name: Iris Rose
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Family: Orphan
Appearance: picture below
Likes: meeting new people
Dislikes: those who leave her
personality: Loving
History: When she was young she was adopted to the orphanage, cause her family didn't want her, so she grew up in an orphanage with other kids who lived there as well, she made lots of friends there, but also lost a lot of friends there, because of them being adopted, so far, she has not been adopted, but she knows she will be one day...
Occupation: none
How you got to the digital world: she was chosen to become a digidestined
do you transform into a digimon?: [YES?/NO?] yes, Ranamon
Attacks: Draining Rain (Rain Stream) - Sends a rain cloud which unleashes a stream of water to sap its foes' strength.
Dark Vapor (Jealousy Rain) - Creates an acidic cloud.
Whipping Waves - Manipulates water to attack its foes.

Picture :

Digimon Partner
Nickname: Dragon
Name: Monodramon
Level: Rookie
Gender: Male
Type: Mini-Dragon
Attribute: Vaccine
Likes: Sweets
Dislikes: Evil
personality: Courageous
Digi-evolution W/Attacks

in the fresh and In-Training forms i added their attacks cause they did have an attack...
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