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- Normal homeroom-

Hibiki sighed using a pocket knife too carve her family's crest in to the stone desk annoyed that she had to sit through roll call remembering even though mafia familys constantly fight and go on missions and such that this place is still a school. " Hibiki Okiyama," The teacher called her name as a sign that she was there she in one quick movement threw the pocket knife so that it went past the teachers face and hit the chalk board witch had many holes in all diffrent forms and they all came from none other than Hibiki who usally during roll call shot or threw a weapon of some object that was near her. The teacher a bit annoyed with her since day one Hibiki had the habit of doing this during roll call or whenever she was called on to partissispate call activities. 'Couldn't she just say here or yes sensei just once' The teacher thought.
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