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Posted 4/29/13 , edited 4/29/13
Eh, if a couple are a couple there is an underlying sexual attraction. Just because the couple may share an aversion to sexual activity doesn't mean they are not sexually attracted to one another. Why couple at all if there is no form of sexual attraction?

Individuals tend to discriminate between attraction and sexual attraction, to be honest I find they are one in the same. We just have varying degrees of sexual attraction and we all have disparate views of what is or is not sexually attractive.The term "asexual" is an unfortunate misnomer. A lack of interest in sexual activity would be a better way to describe these individuals.
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Posted 5/27/13 , edited 5/28/13
asexuality does exist, everybody has different minds and different things that arouse them, and for some they dont have anything that can server that role. i wouldnt mind if someone is asexual its there life and they can do what they want, no one in this world has the authority to determine what people think or do. and i do know a few people who are asexual however its difficult to determine if you are asexual at a young age, minds change and develop over time. and they may just not have found what interest them yet, and they may never find it and thats fine. what ever floats there boat ya? people shouldnt be shunned or looked down upon for the way they think, this limits societies imagination when you do so. and this stunts growth of people as a whole. people are entitled to believe what they want and be interested in what they want and nothing a small mass says is ever going to have an effect on the human race as a whole, so why not just accept people for what they are. this would make life easier and cut back on arguements and fighting. honostely life would be easier if others could accept that people will be individual and independent.
Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
I do believe Asexuality exists in the spectrum of human sexuality. If there are people who are attracted to both human sexes, then surely there are people who are not attracted to neither human sex.

I'm just curious why asexual people feel the need to form intimate relationships though... because that is more characteristic to a sexual person. I wonder if it's social conditioning that leads straight/bi/gay/asexual people to form intimate relationships.

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Posted 11/28/13 , edited 11/29/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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