need help finding a chinese movie
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Posted 3/24/13 , edited 3/25/13
hey guys like the tittle suggests im looking for a show/movie i use to watch which were awasome but i cant remember the name of the show or the casts but only some scenes of the show. there are 3 shows im looking for.

first one takes place in a school where students would fight in a empty classroom while on top of lots of desks that are moved together. this show has a dark theme i think. and in the end i believe two of the main character would be about to start fighting again and then it ends.

second one is a chinese one where it involves swords and martial arts, one of the scene i could only remember is that one of the main characters takes his family generation (ancestors) of treasured swords (there are multiple of swords) and he does this technique and combines them into one golden sword. i think the show is some what similar as wind and cloud 2 or maybe not.

the third show/movie im looking for is .... well i dont really remember it but i think the show is called ooi foo cho long or something along that line ...cough cough im chinese but my chinese is worst than a chinese native born in china in preschool. this show also has a dark theme also, i think.

much help would be appreciated!!!
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Posted 3/24/13 , edited 3/25/13
Hi there please use the movie help thread:

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