Do you have video playback problems?

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Posted 3/27/13 , edited 3/27/13
This took me a while to figure out after so much frustration.

I can go into a long detailed explanation, what happened etc. But I'll get straight to the point.

If you have a fast connection and it's still lagging

Ping this address:

If it's a high ping switch DNS's right? You may have used DNSBench to test your DNS servers but this test does not factor in latency. I was using Google's DNS, located in California (I think?) Normally this would be no problem, normally. But Akamai points your connection based on the location of the DNS server and not on your physical IP address, which other CDNs do based on the originating packet.

I ended up switching back to Verizons crappy redirecting DNS but now CR works great.

I thought I'd share that, as it wasn't in the video playback guide.
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