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Harassed while Cosplaying
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United States
Posted 11/30/13 , edited 12/1/13
I've never experienced anything that I would go so far as to label "harassment," although I have had more of these "advances" (i.e., "Wanna come back to my room later?") by non-cosplaying convention attendees than I would like. However, these advances haven't occurred when I'm with another person (either a male or female friend), so I would definitely recommend the buddy system.
I don't believe that there is any 100% full-proof guaranteed way to avoid unwanted attention/advances/harassment, but being in a group, or at least with one other person, definitely helps.
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20 / F / Houston, Texas
Posted 12/15/13 , edited 12/16/13
I've never been harassed at a convention. Mostly because I've only been to one convention and I went as a cat (Because last minute cosplay.).

but, when I hear about stories about harassment to cosplayers at conventions, it does bother me and kind of scares me to go a convention alone or with a group of friends in cosplay.

Since I'm going to be Ririyicho from Inu x Boku SS for next year's convention, I'm being very cautious since it's one of the big conventions around Texas.;;
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Posted 12/19/13 , edited 12/20/13
When I was 16, in 2003, I cosplayed as Chii in a pink lolita dress. Chii from the anime Chobits. It was at San Diego Comic Con. Back then there wasn't awareness about convention harassment and cosplayers. A lot of guys asked me inappropriate questions (Chii is an android and her on/off switch is erm, well it's between her legs.) so they said some things to me about that. There was also too much touching me and god only knows how many stupid up-skirt photos got taken when I didn't pay attention. I was really naive back then so I didn't think much about these guys crossing lines and that I should have told someone. Luckily I wasn't alone at the convention, I had a friend with me so I wasn't worried about my safety like being followed or anything. Guys get harrassed too. I talked to a very nice Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler cosplayer at PMX Los Angeles recently and asked how bad the fangirls get. (If you don't know the character, girls go crazy for him. Literal crazy.) He said it gets pretty bad and he was retiring the cosplay partially because of all the fangirling. He didn't go into detail, but to want to ditch the cosplay tells me it must have been kinda bad.
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Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
this is bad, thankfully since i cosplay as traps most guys wont do anything to me, i have been huged randomly by both male and females so i dont mind, thankfully no wrongful touching.

im seeing a lot of "depends on what your wearing"

just cause she cosplays as a nude person or he does not mean he or she wants their private sensitive parts touched, no one has any right to touch you wrongly, and you have every right to defend your self. remeber its self defence if you attack some one for an act of slight rape.

no one asks to be touch, unless of course you have a hug me sign, then your basically asking for that sort of attention.

ladies have it rough since most of the cosplays "that may i add are great and awsome" require almost to half to none type of coverage.

male cosplayers and males.. have to keep their hands to them selfs and if they want to touch any one a permission must be given.

also one thing i will also say is that every one has a freedom of speech if some one asks you something uncomfortable, you have to options play with it, or ignore it.

remeber that just because it looks like they are asking for it, chance are they are not, dont be so quick to judge the whole cosplay because of how it was made, your just dirty and deserve to be punish and if not by force by restrictions.
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M / Sweden
Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/16/14
well it's sad getting harassed while cosplaying or at all ;_;
Posted 5/20/14 , edited 9/9/14
Dress as koffing and pepper spray everyone at the con.
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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 5/31/14 , edited 5/31/14
Sadly there's jerks and scum where ever you go.

Only horrid thing i ever experienced as cosplay was being told i couldn't do it, that me to pull off costumes was fit for comedy and an insult to the character, amongst other choice words.

Didn't stop me cosplaying as 4th doctor, though it's taught me there are some costumes that don't suit everyone. I.e. guy was complaing cos people were staring at him, when he's wearing a misty (pokemon) costume but it's way too small for him. It wasn't the fact he was dressed as a female but that the costume was straining to hold.

I have no problem with what people wear, just remember that if it's not comfortable i.e. too tight/too lose, it's probably not the right size/design for you.

But hey, not my call to make. If you want to cosplay as that character, go for it as long as you feel ok doing it.
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23 / F / PNW
Posted 7/23/14 , edited 7/24/14
this set a fire in my soul
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28 / M / Texas
Posted 8/20/14 , edited 8/20/14
I think it's a bit much to bring out the pitchforks for those who gawk a little too long, god knows I may have a couple weeks ago on the river. Obviously any verbal/physical harassment should never be tolerated especially in a professional setting with interviews and the like. Outrage makes sense to me then.

To add: I think it's one of those things that people need to constantly bring up to continue spreading awareness. Everybody should feel safe at anime/comic/game conventions.
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25 / M / USA
Posted 8/26/14 , edited 8/26/14
I noticed someone earlier mentioned a "buddy" system. I think that could work if such a predicament arises but also it could help if they upped security a bit. I've never gotten to go to a convention yet, sadly. I'm to busy with work and school but hopefully next year i will be attending Metrocon. By then, this situation will hopefully just be history.
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25 / F / The MOOOON
Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/2/14
Was just at Sac Con with my friend. A guy went up to her ear and deeply inhaled into her hair and took off before we could do anything. I herd he harassed and chased down other cosplayers as well. I was so shocked I didn't have time to react but I wish I did. WAtch out for a super short dude with a pure white mask. He also has real scars o his face and bad teeth.
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27 / M / United States
Posted 9/3/14 , edited 9/3/14
I have never been to a con before, but this october Im finally going to one, as Scar from FMA, and as Tosen from Bleach.
I am going with an experienced group so, I think I'll be fine, but I will keep an eye out for those type of people. Gotta watch out for my friends, cosidering Im the only trained solider among them.
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Posted 12/22/15 , edited 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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