The Shifty Types
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This world of mine is one of shapeshifters and humans. In said world humans rule and treat shifters as evil and cursed beings. Those "evil and cursed beings" have few ways to survive in my world that hates them; they can be a human's pet, live in the wild, or live in a Village. (A Village is completely isolated and only for shifters.) Shifters have rights, but sadly those rights can be twisted and manipulated to an extent where those "rights" are just easily seen through illusions. As for Villages, it is only there that shifters are protected by iron clad laws. It is only in a Village that a shifter is safe. Well, that is what the humans think. Don't get me wrong, not all humans are terrible; there are a handful of shifter rights activist organizations and support groups. There are research groups, too! The majority of those; however, tend to "research" by experimenting on the shifters. Anyway, the point is that there are a few good human souls in the rot of the other corrupted ones.

But I warn you, do not underestimate the shifters. They are mystical beings with extremely strong survival instincts and extraordinarily clever human minds. For all you know there could be more to the shifter's world than hiding, running, being a pet, or being isolated in a Village. Now let us move onto the more interesting part about the shifters themselves.

As you probably figured out on your own, the shapeshifters are beings who can shift from a human form to an animal one and have an in-between state in which he/she has human form with animal features. I will tell you another more important fact; after the shifter child turns 10, it will start maturing at ½ the rate of humans. Meaning it takes 2 years to age 1 year. Shifters are guaranteed a life span of at least 180 years unless they are killed by means other than old age. (A shifter can live up to 850 depending on their animal.)

Phew, that took a while. One last interesting, and important, thing and we can move on. A shifter can be identified by a mark on their face. All shifters have a black crescent moon shape running from the edge of their left eye to the bottom of their cheekbone.

Now then, on with the story...


There were shouts coming from behind him. He ran faster as he heard that they were coming closer. He ran past corner after corner of white sterile walls. His blood stained hospital gown flowed behind him as he tried to run even faster.

'The exit, it must be close!' the boy thought desperately. 'I will not stay in this Hell any longer, I will make them pay for what they did! '

White walls turned red as he felt the hands of those he hated grab him.

'No, NO! I will NOT return to that HELL! NO!'
A blue eye , the color of it being deeper, darker, and more beautiful than even the Hope Diamond, opened wide and the owner of that eye gasped and abruptly sat up. Frantically looking around him, the boy say sterile white walls and his own hands and body covered in blood. The boy's panting slowed as the sterile walls faded away and the dingy walls of the alley he had slept in replaced them. The blood on his hands changed to dirt and he took a deep breath.

"A dream. That's all. I escaped and left that Hell behind. Yes, that's right, I am Ciel and I refuse to return to that humiliation!"

Ciel stood up and brushed himself off the best he could. He wasn't wearing shoes, his blue cut off shorts were faded, badly torn, and holey. His shirt was black, though it was so faded it almost appeared grey now. He messed with his bangs until they covered his eyes as much as possible. It was a necessity to cover his right eye, his "cursed" eye. It was a deep purple color, nearly glowing, and most that have seen it call it demonic and unnatural. It is unsurprising that he would hide it. Why would he cover his left eye? It was a beautiful blue after all. He is not trying to cover his left eye, but the black crescent moon running from the edge of his eye to the bottom of his cheek bone. Maybe the mark has a presence of its own because no matter how well he tries to hide the mark, it is always noticed.

Ciel crept to the opening of the alley and peered out. It was quite early in the morning and after scanning the area, he walked out into the open. He slunk down the street until he came to a baker's shop. He quickly picked the lock, crept inside, and took some of the freshly made loaves of bread the baker had left on the counter to cool. Ciel had long ago perfected the art of moving silently, lock picking, and thievery though he hated the fact that he had been forced to stoop so low as to take up those skills in the first place.

Though it was early in the morning, there would normally be people about setting up stalls or just taking a morning stroll. There was no one this morning. It was completely silent. Unease rose in Ciel as he walked to the freshwater well at the edge of the small village.

"What the devil is going on? Something is not right. I should leave earlier than I originally planned. Yes, I am leaving this blasted village tonight." Ciel thought.

It was as he was bending over to drink from the bucket he had pulled from the well, that he felt the presence of a group of people behind him. He then spun quickly to face them. Not quick enough for at that moment a rock thrown by one of the villagers in the mob. Ciel fell to the ground and felt a warm liquid flow down his face. Blood. As he lay there slightly dazed more rocks started hitting him and the villagers began yelling.



"Accursed beast, leave our village!"

"You taint our peaceful lives just by being near us. Leave!"

Ciel struggled to his feet as the cries for his blood rose in volume. He turned to face the forest and did the only thing he could do, he ran. The mob gave chase as their mentality changed from wanting Ciel to leave the town, to wanting him dead.

Ciel felt his deep rooted hatred rise once again as he ran from the mob. "Is this all I can do? Run? No, I won't stand for that! I am Ciel and I know one thing for certain, I will not keep running forever. This hatred will not allow me to keep running." A large rock struck his head and he was sent sprawling. He struggled to stand even as stars danced across his vision. Ciel then ran and ran until the sun was high in the sky and the villagers cries had faded.

The boy was exhausted, hurt, and his eyesight was fading as he stumbled into a small clearing. He collapsed and attempted to stay conscious as he lay there. Three words fell from his lip as he passed out. "They will pay."

It was in that quaint little clearing that a being found him lying there bleeding and unconscious. Forementioned being smirked as he leaned down and spied the crescent on Ciel's face. It was this being that would change the course of Ciel's life forever.
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This was pretty cool Liked it!!
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Will be posting the next chapter by the weekend Thanks for reading!
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