- Backlash -
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Okehh guys, before you read the actual story, no I'm not depressed or anything. This is just a small story that seemed fun to make. And I put a lot of plot holes in it ^-^ I'm a... let's say suspency kinda guy. Anyways, please put feed back and maybe ideas on what you want to happen next! Appreciate it if you read the whole thing!


Change is not but a fact of life. Change is chained to a soul; ripping it out would surely bring death. Yet we do it anyways.

It’s… it’s always the same thing. I’m always the same. Things never change, they never will. I’m stuck in this circle; a circle of insanity. I can’t help it. This is who I am; the fates have decided it since birth. The same… same...same… same… same… It haunts me, why can’t I change anything? Why is it always this way? Should I give up and just accept what has been handed to me?

One person can handle numerous burdens; but they have a breaking point. The point when they realize that… that they aren’t capable of carrying those burdens alone. But what if they’re already alone? What if they misjudged a person? Mistreated, and even left to die? Then it is too late. That is the only answer that satisfies this question. There are no other ways.

Was it something that led it to this? Was it the belief of eternal happiness, or maybe hope?

I know nothing of these “happiness” or “hope”. They are alien to me, for I have taken the path which there is no return. But… something’s holding me back. This… path seems surreal, nostalgic.

I… I hold back and look at her in the eyes. Those dull, blue eyes. They penetrate my mind, making me grab my head and scream in frustration. And she just watches me, waiting patiently for my answer.

She watches.
And Watches
No stopping her.
She… just...
All she does
Is watch…

And she won’t… STOP!

I grab forward blindly onto her clothing. My eyes blurred by tears of uncertainty and guilt. And she looks down, muttering words barely audible.


These are the words she mutters. They annoy me, aggravate me, irritate me.

I gather up all my strength and stand back up, preparing to punch her. As I raise my fist to deliver the blow, a dangerous look glaze over her eyes.

It is a simple warning: “Don’t”. But I ignore it, and I punch her… not her… the air…

She’s standing next to me, her head tilted slightly. I can hear myself scream, fall to the ground. STOP. LEAVE. NO. THIS ISN’T FAIR.

And she leans close, her breathe a shallow yet smooth one, “Do not worry. I am here, but I cannot help if you don’t make your choice.”
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I think it sounds fairly interesting. A good beginning to hold the reader's attention if you're making a novel out of this. : D

(But what do you mean by plot holes?)
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