I need your help..
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Posted 4/4/13 , edited 4/4/13
Ok so.. I realy love this guy.

I've known him for 2 years, and I've loved him for those 2 years.

Yeah, he can be a jerk sometimes but all guys are like that.. (At least I think they are.)

We barley talk anymore but when we do he leaves right when I need his help..
When I try to talk to him about my depression, he starts talking about something else like pony's and stuff..

He doesn't even believe that I love him no matter how many times I tell him because I once told him that I hate him
(I was realy mad at him at the time).

All we do is fight..

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Posted 4/4/13 , edited 4/4/13
Personal Threads are not allowed. Also, it's in the wrong section.

We do have a thread here for General Advice. It's the link below:
The General Help.Advice Thread

I hope someone can help you.

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