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Posted 4/5/13 , edited 4/6/13
Interestingly, though this season 1, the prequel series "Hakuoki Reimeiroku" is really season 1, as it explains the elixir that the Bakufu (Shogunate) has gotten from one of the foreign countries (that is not noted from where exactly) and have has been given the order to make it workable. Basically, the story lines about this elixir that has the potential of making a man almost indestructible and with super human power and speed. Only a thrust though the heart or beheading can kill such subject. The incidents that occurred in battle were named and dated historically accurately. That the young girl who was searching her father, who incidentally was the doctor given the elixir and the Shinsengumi was to be used as guinea pigs to make it workable. A very interesting series, however "Hakuoki Reimeiroku" should just be "Hakuoki season1" and Hakuoki season 1 should be season 2. Otherwise one see season one and if is not familiar, will only realize it. as I had, that "Hakuoki Reimiroku" is really the first season. Otherwise, great samurai drama put within the confines of history as accurately as could be! 5 stars, but see the prequel series before "Hakuoki" Season 1 picure of Hijikata Toshizo.
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Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/18/13
I'd watch the show but i'm really starting to get fed up with this license stuff.

Season 1: Cant' watch cause it's not licensed here.

Season 2: Can't even find it.

Season 3: I can watch it but what's the point in licensing the final season in a country where the previous two (First and Second) hasn't been licensed?

I don't get the license mumbo jumbo but i do know it's completely out of control. I wish they'd just cut the licensing crap on these anime series all together or just license it all under a global license.
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