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Posted 4/6/13 , edited 4/6/13
Apparently in the upside down world of Animation 8,000 Blue copies of the first two episodes were sold to the public on February 9, 2013 for about 16,800 yen...or 172.00 U.S. Dollars at 97.68 yen to the dollar as of this writing.

Two episodes, 23 to 24 mins long...roughly 48 mins. That would be about 3.58 dollars a min...with maybe some extras...

So my question to you is this...What would you pay to watch your favorite anime?

And why didn't I pay more attention in art class?
Posted 4/6/13 , edited 3/23/14
There is NO anime that I want SO BADLY that I'd pay $172.00 for just 2 eps. I know that if I wait, usually, the price will go down or I can buy a different copy. Even if it's not Limited Edition and has all these cool items to go with it. I Don't need it THAT BAD.
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Posted 6/19/13 , edited 6/20/13
Currently I pay CR about $8 a month Honestly I don't know a better deal to watch HD anime! To answer the question though, I would only consider spending that much if it was for a box set of a long popular series. To give an example: The 'Monogatari series set is around the specified price range that I currently have on my "wish list."
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