Post Reply Hinata ending up with Naruto
Posted 4/7/13 , edited 4/7/13
I really think after the 4th great ninja war is over Hinata will end up with Naruto! What do you guys think? I think it will make a great ending if Hinata ends up with Naruto. I will be so happy since they are so cute together. Sakura will make an ok partner but I think Hinata will make a fantastic partner for Naruto! I found DVD covers of Hinata and Naruto. Also the DVDs come right after another,16 and 17 which also means they are meant to be! I think Sakuara and Sasuke would go together but I know this will never happen. I know this picture is technically Maruto and Sakura together but this was the only realistic picture of Sakuara and Sasuke together I can find with Naruto in the middle of it.
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