Post Reply The dead may have not been dead at all (kinda a code geass crossover rp)
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Posted 4/7/13 , edited 4/7/13


This rp is a code geass and mixed with their anime and other stuff in my mind RP. So here's the deal. This is placed AFTER the war and after Lelouch's "death" this is a new era with the world, or is it? It seems that way to humans but what about "non-humans' ? The world is still unbalanced affer the Ranorock connection was destroyed it put the world in a scandal Lelouch has yet to clean up the mess tat his so called 'father' has made. But there was one person that has foreseen this event happening which was a man called Shiranui he conceived Twins from Marianne Lamperouge. Which here Lelouch and Kuro. His job in thi world is to keep this world in balance spiritually and physically, and needs the twins help as well as others, so what to do now? Lelouch is dead, so is Kuro, or are they?

(I got really really bored so I made this XD hope you enjoy!!!)
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